Farrell Wins Sprintcar Muster

Perth Motorplex
Perth Motorplex

Perth Motorplex
Perth Motorplex
Perth, AU — (January 4, 2013) — Ryan Farrell’s dominance in WA Sprintcar racing this season continued when he won the 9th Annual Sprintcar Muster at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night from Ben Ellement and American Craig Dollansky.

Farrell started on the outside of the front row with Ellement and looked in control for most of the 25-lap feature race.

Dayne Kingshott was the first casualty when he got messed up on the first lap and went over on the start/finish line, only moments after he won the New Year Speedcar Derby.

On the next restart Mark Wells got a good run but then tagged the fence on the approach to the back straight which resulted in Sheldon Brady and Robert Watson junior also being taken out of the show.

Jason Kendrick also withdrew with damage to the #11 car.

Farrell got the jump and withstood a fierce challenge from Ben Ellement before the field regrouped seven laps in after Kye Scroop flipped in pits bend.

Jamie Maiolo, who was racing for position with younger brother Jamie, went into turn one just a little bit too hard and damaged the #99, ending his night with 17 laps remaining.

With 11 laps remaining Allan Nash put his car on its side in pits bend.

Ellement closed the gap with seven laps to go as they entered lapped traffic but ultimately had nothing for the current WA champion.

“That was hard work, the conditions tonight were difficult to say the least,” Farrell said.

He thought the best line was going to be up on the high line but after he nearly came unstuck early made the “executive decision” to run a lower line.
Ellement was happy with another podium finish.

“That wasn’t too bad but I was fighting that thing the whole way,” Ellement said.

Dollansky ended his WA campaign with a trophy for the Flex Motorsport team.

“This team kept working hard,” Dollansky said.

“We have been struggling a bit to get a handle on this car.

“It was pretty tight there towards the end and hopefully the fans enjoyed the show.”


Qualifying: Group A: Jason Kendrick 14.964, Mark Wells 15.264, Robert Watson 15.411, Nathan Brady 15.635, Jake Beard-Miller NTT.

Group B: Jamie Maiolo 14.983, Ben Ellement 14.998, Callum Williamson 15.380, Sheldon Brady 14.992, Steven Ford 17.272.

Group C: 1st Ryan Farrell 14.885, Kye Scroop 14.892, Jeff Leisk 14.917, Bradley Maiolo 15.043, Allan Nash 16.646, Carl Dowling 17.727.

Group D: Lee Nash 14.949, Craig Dollansky 15.146, Daniel Harding 15.173, Todd Waddell 15.363, Dayne Kingshott 15.459.

Race 1: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Dayne Kingshott, 4th Sheldon Brady, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Daniel Harding, 7th Lee Nash, 8th Liam Dowling. DNF: Robert Watson, Jr., Jason Kendrick.

Race 2: 1st Nathan Brady, 2nd Ryan Farrell, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Allan Nash, 5th Craig Dollansky, 6th Steven Ford, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Mark Wells, 9th Todd Waddell, 10th Jake Beard-Miller. DNF: Jeff Leisk.

Race 3: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Craig Dollansky, 5th Callum Williamson, 6th Dayne Kingshott, 7th Sheldon Brady, 8th Daniel Harding, 9th Todd Waddell, 10th Steven Ford. DNF Jake Beard-Miller.

Race 4: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Mark Wells, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Allan Nash, 6th Jeff Leisk, 7th Bradley Maiolo, 8th Robert Watson junior, 9th Liam Dowling. DNF: Nathan Brady.

Feature: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Craig Dollansky, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Jeff Leisk, 6th Liam Dowling, 7th Jake Beard-Miller, 8th Steven Ford, 9th Todd Waddell, 10th Callum Williamson. DNF: Allan Nash, Jamie Maiolo, Kye Scroop, Lee Nash, Mark Wells, Dayne Kingshott, Daniel Harding, Jason Kendrick, Sheldon Brady, Nathan Brady, Robert Watson, Jr.

Wingless V6 Sprint Cars

Race 1: 1st Danny Attwood, 2nd Brendon Wedge, 3rd Ryan Condren, 4th Marshall McDiarmid, 5th Daniel Coleman, 6th Scott Elst, 7th Glen Francis, 8th Michael Keen, 9th Phil Taylor, 10th Brock Zonca, 11th Tom Payet, 12th Travis Southwell, 13th Ross Miller, 14th Tyson Byden, 15th Matt Vincent. DNF: Chad Gordon.

Race 2: 1st Marshall McDiarmid, 2nd Brock Zonca, 3rd Daniel Coleman, 4th Glen Francis, 5th Danny Attwood, 6th Tom Payet, 7th Michael Keen, 8th Brendon
Wedge, 9th Travis Southwell, 10th Phil Taylor, 11th Chad Gordon, 12th Tyson Bryden, 13th Matt Vincent. DNF: Ross Millar, Ryan Condren and Scott Elst.

Final: 1st Marshall McDiarmid, 2nd Tom Payet, 3rd Danny Attwood, 4th Michael Keen, 5th Brendon Wedge, 6th Brock Zonca, 7th Ryan Condren, 8th Daniel Coleman, 9th Glen Francis, 10th Phil Taylor, 11th Chad Gordon, 12th Tyson Bryden, 13th Travis Southwell, 14th Ross Millar and 15th Matt Vincent. DNS: Scott Elst.

Midget Cars:

Race 1: 1st Alfonso Guadagnino, 2nd Neville Lance, 3rd Adam Clarke, 4th Vaughan Manders, 5th Paul Robinson, 6th Glen Mears, 7th Bryn Lake, 8th Travis White, 9th Lee Redmond, 10th Perry Farcich, 11th Rob Golding, 12th Dayne Kingshott, 13th Bob Goddard. DNF: Daryl Clayden, Steven Henderson, Daniel Golding and Scott Glazebrook.

Race 2: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Scott Glazebrook, 3rd Lee Redmond, 4th Alfonso Guadagnino, 5th Paul Robinson, 6th Travis White, 7th Adam Clarke, 8th Bryn Lake, 9th Vaughan Manders, 10th Rob Golding, 11th Glen Mears, 12th Daniel Golding, 13th Bob Goddard. DNF: Daryl Clayden, Perry Farcich, Neville Lance, Phillip Jeffreys.

Final: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Adam Clarke, 3rd Lee Redmond, 4th Paul Robinson, 5th Vaughan Manders, 6th Neville Lance, 7th Glen Mears, 8th Daniel Golding, 9th Rob Golding and 10th Bob Goddard. DNF: Scott Glazebrook, Travis White, Bryn Lake, Daryl Clayden, Alfonso Guadagnino, Perry Farcich.


Heat 1: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Mat Muir, 3rd Ian Woods, 4th Cale Sotiroff, 5th Bill Stocks, 6th Chris Ackland, 7th Dean Terry, 8th Owen Ahchee, 9th Daniel Harding, 10th Cory Gilpin, 11th Nathan Peet. DNF: Aldo De Paoli, Aaron Ishiguchi and Brad Maiolo.

Heat 2: 1st Jake Beard-Miller, 2nd Robert Watson, 3rd Kent Roberts, 4th Todd Davis, 5th Greg Fisher, 6th Rob Willis, 7th Ben Butcher, 8th Phil Waters, 9th Terry Cutts. DNF: Tim Gardner and Daniel Keen.

Heat 3: 1st Robert Watson, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Kent Roberts, 4th Owen Ahchee, 5th Tim Gardner, 6th Jake Beard-Miller, 7th Aaron ishiguchi, 8th Todd Davis, 9th Cale Sotiroff, 10th Terry Cutts. DNF: Chris Ackland, Dean Terry and Aldo De Paoli.

Heat 4: 1st Brad Maiolo, 2nd Greg Fisher, 3rd Bill Stocks, 4th Cory Gilpin, 5th Phil Waters, 6th Daniel Keen, 7th Ben Butcher, 8th Rob Willis, 9th Mat Muir, 10th Nathan Peet, 11th Ian Woods. DNF: Daniel Harding.

Final: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Robert Watson, 3rd Brad Maiolo, 4th Greg Fisher, 5th Mat Muir, 6th Bill Stocks, 7th Cale Sotiroff, 8th Ben Butcher, 9th Cory Gilpin, 10th Owen Ahchee, 11th Todd Davis, 12th Ian Woods, 13th Tim Gardner, 14th Nathan Peet, 15th Phil Waters, 16th Aaron Ishiguchi, 17th Terry Cutts.

DNF: Jake Beard-Miller, Chris Ackland, Kent Roberts, Daniel Keen, Rob Willis, Dean Terry, Daniel Harding. DNS: Aldo De Paoli.