Luke Cranston Still The URSS Boss at Belleville

URSS United Rebel Sprint Series Top Story



Luke Cranston once again showed his dominance at the Belleville High Banks in Belleville, Kansas, as he captured The United Rebel Sprint Series 305 Nationals Crown taking home a $2,000 pay check against a stellar field Saturday night.


Dodge City’s Keefe Hemel and rookie Jed Werner brought the field to the green flag with Hemel’s car stumbling on the start, allowing 3rd position starter Ray Seemann to jump out to an early lead with Werner 2nd and sixth starter Cranston already to 3rd, Zach Blurton in 4th and Brian Herbert in 5th after lap 1.


On lap 2, Blurton would make a bold move on the bottom in turn 2 to overtake both Cranston and Werner with Cranston making a pass around Werner on the front straight to move into the show position.


Lap 4, Blurton would make the bottom work again as he overtook Seemann for the top spot.  Lap 5 brought out the only caution of the night for debris on the track caused by Jeremy Huish’s wing panel flying off due to the high speeds of the huge 1/2 mile, high banked oval.


On the restart, it would be Blurton, Seeman, Cranston, Herbert and Werner rounding out the top 5.  Cranston would use the high side to overtake Seemann in turns 1 and 2 and begin his hunt for the leader.


Cranston, flying around the high side of the track began reeling in Blurton, running on the low side and blasted by him on lap 9 and remain to take the lead and go unchallenged for the rest of the 25 lap feature.


Blurton would finish 2nd with Colorado’s Jake Bubak finishing 3rd, moving up from the 10th starting position and winning the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger Award. Oklahoma’s Ty Williams finished in 4th place and Brian Herbert rounded out the top 5.


Cranston credited his crew and the excellent set up they used for the win, as this was his 6th win out of 7 races at the famed Belleville High Banks.


Feature results


1  Luke Cranston

2  Zach Blurton

3  Jake Bubak

4  Ty Williams

5  Brian Herbert

6  Zac Taylor

7  Keefe Hemel

8  Jed Werner

9  Joey Schmidt

10 Justin Schwein

11 Cody Caldwell

12 John Webster

13 Joe Miller

14 Ray Seemann DNF

15 Luke Lucero DNF

16 Steven Richardson DNF

17 Jeremy Huish DNF

18 Tom Belsky DNS


Heat race winners: Zac Taylor, Zach Blurton, Ty Williams