ASCS Lone Star Region

Sanders Wins ASCS Lone Star Feature at 105 Speedway

ASCS Lone Star Region 105 Speedway Cleveland, TX Saturday May 30, 2020 Heat Race #1 (8 Laps) 1. 88-Scottie McDonald[1] 2. 0-Eric Baldaccini[3] 3. 51-Caleb Martin[5] 4. 26-Jacob Harris[2] 5. 28-James Cooper[4] 6. 42P-Preston Perlmutter[6] […]

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Hahn Dominates ASCS Sooner Region Event at Pocola

ASCS Sooner Region Tri-State Speedway Pocola, OK Saturday May 30, 2020 Heat Race #1 (8 Laps) 1. 11-Roger Crockett[2] 2. 9-Chase Randall[6] 3. 55B-Brandon Anderson[1] 4. 21P-Robbie Price[3] 5. 24-Garet Williamson[5] 6. 85-Forrest Sutherland[4] 7. […]

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Rain Cuts ASCS Elite Non-Wing Short At Lawton Speedway

A stacked field of 46 drivers made the trip to Lawton Speedway Saturday night to take on the ASCS Elite Non-Wing Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating, but unfortunately Mother Nature threw the slide on the field and ended the night’s action with the A-Feature left to be contested. […]