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Bridgeport Speedway

Ricky DiEva Wins at Bridgeport

Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series Bridgeport Speedway Bridgeport, N.J. Saturday June 22, 2019 Feature: 1. 85-Ricky DiEva 2. 2-Andy Best 3. 9s-Rick Stief 4. 70-Eddie Wagner 5. 21j-Jason Dunn 6. 83-Larry McVay 7. 1-Tom Carberry 8. 12-Joe […]

Bloomington Speedway

Wimmer Scores MASSive at Bloomington

Brandon Wimmer won Friday night’s Midwest All Star Series event at Bloomington Speedway. Jerrod Hull, David Gravel, Randy Hannagan, and Ty Deckard rounded out the top five. […]