Spec Right Rear Tires Finalized for Black Rock’s Fall Sprint Nationals

From Rich Vleck

DUNDEE, NY (August 17, 2010)- The list of allowable right rear tire choices for Black Rock’s Fall Sprint Nationals has been compiled. Along with it, an enticing option has been put in place.

The right rear tire will be the only tire with specification for the two nights of action in Dundee paying nearing $40,000, September 10 and 11. The other three tires will have an open format.

All allowable right rear tires by each of the four sanction bodies will be permitted for this event. They are as follows:

ASCS Patriots and Ohsweken’s Corr/Pak Sprints- Hoosier Plated HTC, D-25

ASCS Sprints on Dirt- ASCS Medium or Hard

National Racing Alliance- Plated NRA SC-1

Along with those tire options, other popular regional options that are allowed for the weekend are the American Racer MC-2 or MC-3 tires.

Lias Tire and Black Rock Speedway have also put together an incentive for a team to go after a bonus $5,000 in mid-September.

Any competitor that purchases two American Racer Tires from Black Rock Speedway on Fall Nationals Weekend will be eligible to claim a $5,000 bonus if they win both the Fall Nationals Saturday A-Main and the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Saturday A-Main being held the following week. Accomplishing such a feat would be worth $20,000 for a driver in a matter of just eight days!

Mike Emhof Motorsports will have Hoosier Tires available at BRS during “Camp Out and Race Weekend”. Teams looking to reserve tires are advised to contact Mike at 585-370-6495 to ensure enough are in stock.

Interest for the triumphant return of this famous fall event has already spread across the landscape; with competitors from Canada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even further away stating their plans to invade the Finger Lakes on this weekend.

Friday’s portion will include a pair of heat races for each competitor to set up the popular Triple Sweet 16 Features. The winner of each of the features will guarantee themselves a top-12 starting spot on Saturday’s A-Main.

Saturday’s show will set things up with time trials, followed by heat races, and a set of mains, ending with the 30 lap, $5,000-to-win Feature.

The 1000 mini sprints and 600 micro sprints will be on hand both nights. A 4-cylinder enduro will conclude the night of action both nights, with front row starting spots for the Fall $10,000-to-win Enduro on the line.

Friday’s card will be completed with a 4-cylinder open draw event. The race will pay double what a standard Signs Plus of Kanona show does. Saturday will now include a $1,000-to-win open draw Street Stock Special.

Entry forms for sprint car competitors are now posted on www.BlackRockSpeedway.com. A complimentary pit pass will be included if it is returned before August 31. A special page has been construction on the website, with more important information being posted in the upcoming days. Simply click on the sprint car photo located on the main page of www.BlackRockSpeedway.com.