Shake Up Jacob – Championship

By KayLea Zumbach

NEWTON (September 8, 2011) – It’s been more than a month since we’ve heard from the Ossenfort Racing crew, but let it be known that they haven’t set still!

Jacob and the Knology #99J have been competing this season for his hometown track Season Championship. As each weekend has inched him a little closer to his goal, Jacob has proven his capability to get there.

August 23 was a weekly night show at Black Hills Speedway, full of points for the taking. Things were starting to boil down and teams were all taking notice of just where they would need to be to make their season one of the best. Jacob was one point behind the leader of the point standings and he needed a good night to keep him in the running to get the win! The #99J started third in his heat and took a third place finish for a transfer to the night’s A-Main event. “The track was dry, which made it nice and racey but I wasn’t set up just right so the car was a bit loose for the heat.” Jacob said of his heat. Jacob started the A-Main in the third row and knew he had his work cut out for him. “After a few laps the track started to put down some rubber, which made it even faster!” said Jacob. It was an outright battle to the finish, with a back and forth fight between Jacob and the points leader, unfortunately in a pass for position at the end of the race, the leader would walk away the leader for another weekend.

August 23 took the team back to Black Hills Speedway, only this time they would roll out their Don Ott powered 410 sprint car, for the World of Outlaw event. Jacob qualified eighteenth fastest in the #99J 410, which would put him in the fifth place starting position for his first heat. Jacob needed at least a top six finish to transfer straight to the night’s A-Main event. It was a back and forth fight for the final transfer position, when on the last lap the sixth place car blew an engine, putting Jacob in last and final transfer spot. Jacob’ s heat race finish gave him just enough points back to start where he qualified, so the #99J took the green flag from the eighteenth starting position. “I stayed on the bottom for the whole first half of the race and then got passed by two or three of the leaders on the top. I thought it looked like a fast place to be, so I just decided to move my line up.” Jacob said. Moving up seemed to be the ticket for the #99J, as he passed his way up to fifteenth, just to find himself in the middle of another scuffle. As Jacob fought to keep his position, almost afraid that he was going to have to settle for sixteenth, the fifteenth place driver blew a rear tire on the last lap. This gave Jacob just enough time to pass him for the position on the backstretch and run away with fifteenth for the finish. “It was intense! It was one heck of a night. I was pretty satisfied with an Outlaw main event finish!” said Jacob of the night.

August 26 was the Season Championship finale for the 360 series at Black Hills Speedway, and you can bet that the Ossenfort Racing team was there with bells on. “Hot laps were awesome. I realized just how much slower the 360’s are compared to the 410 and I honestly think that it gives me a little advantage. The car and the track felt great.” Jacob said.

The #99J started on the outside pole for the final event, because he was second in points; the man he was chasing down, Clint Anderson, started to his right on the pole position. Clint would lead the first half of the race by a pretty good distance, until Jacob found the rubber on the track. “I felt like I was reeling him in with each lap and then there was a caution. That’s where the fun started.” Jacob said. Jacob, who was hoping to start to the inside of Clint for the restart, had a plan. “I really wanted to start on the inside. I knew that would be the best option coming out of corner four, for the restart. If the leader would’ve gone high, I would’ve went low to try to slide him but if he would have gone low, I would’ve just tried my best to catch the rubber hard enough to get on a rail around him on the top.” said Jacob. There was a scuffle before the green that caused the leaders to jumble up a little, but nothing major enough to prevent the restart from happening. Jacob got his wish and was able to start on the inside and pull ahead quickly; from there #99J struck gold using the line he’d found just before the caution. “I got so much traction on the rubber that I had found just before the caution that I don’t remember seeing another nose wing trying to get passed me after that!” Jacob said. The #99J finished the night with a first place finish, and he left the track the 2011 Black Hills Season Champion in the 360 series.

“I guess there has been some controversy regarding my restart- there was a driver who was rubbing my right side tires; sometimes drivers will do that to kind of intimidate you and usually I just speed up to the leaders to get ready for the start, and that’s what I did this time. Speedway Productions has video footage of the race and I definitely recommend watching it if there are any questions.” Jacob said of the debate.

“It’s such a great feeling to have a Championship in my hometown and to know that I’ve made this my second Championship in only four years! I’m so excited about our season ending. It has been our goal from the start to win this and I just have to thank my whole crew and everyone that helped with Ossenfort Racing this year. Thank you.” A very excited Jacob had to say.

Jacob will make his way back to the University of Wyoming for his second year at the school. He plans to keep chipping away at the goal of his degree, but you can bet that he’ll be itching for the 2012 season to get here soon!

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