skagitFrom Kelly Hart
Alger, WA — (August 3, 2013) –It was Ladies Night Out at Skagit Speedway and while no ladies actually won other than prize giveaways, there was plenty for all in attendance to celebrate. A nice summer evening greeted main event winners Eric Fisher (410 Sprints), Tyler Fox (Sportsman Sprints), Chase Goetz (USAC Midgets) and first time winner Eric Vaillette (Outlaw Tuners).
Fast time on the evening went to Jonathan Jorgenson with an 11.131 second lap around the 3/10th mile clay oval. 410 Sprint Car heat race wins were picked up by Fisher and Trey Starks. At the outset it was all Fisher as he flawlessly drove 25-laps for the win followed by teammates Josh DeWitt and Robby Vaughn. Vaughn was making his first 410 Sprint start of the season and first time in a 410 Sprint since 2006.
Tyler Fox repeated the feat of Fisher leading all 20 laps of the Sportsman Sprint Main. Fox used two cautions to keep the field at bay. Cory Swatzina and Bill Rude rounded out the top 3. Fox and Rude won the heat races. Point leader Steve Parker set fast time with a 12.598 second lap.
In the USAC Midget division Chase Goetz extended his points lead with another win on the season. Goetz overtook Robbie Price for the lead and pulled away early for the victory. Colton Heath gained on Goetz late in the race as the two came into traffic but a lap 18 yellow dissolved any advantage Heath was earning in traffic. At the checkered flag it was Goetz, Heath and Ariel Biggs the top three cars. Goetz and Garrett Thomas won the heat races.
For first time winner Eric Vaillette it was friend and fellow competitor Freddie Vela’s calming words that helped him to the win. Vela was injured in last week’s Outlaw Tuner Nationals and had words of wisdom helping calm down a hyper Vaillette before the main event. Vaillette led all 17-laps for his first ever victory of any kind at the track. Point leader Rick Young finished second with Travis Meins in the Vela #20 finishing third. Jon Gunderson and Matt Powers were the heat race winners.
Sprint cars, Tuners and Modifieds take the track next Saturday night August 10th. Spectator gates open at 5:30 pm with racing at 7:00 pm.
Fast time 2j Jonathan Jorgenson 11.131
Heat 1 7s Eric Fisher, 7 Kevin Smith, 2j Jonathan Jorgenson, 5r Robbie Vaughn, 98 Matt Jensen
Heat 2 55 Trey Starks, 5d Josh DeWitt, 18 Travis Jacobson, 88 Jimmy Carter
Main 7s Eric Fisher, 5d DeWitt, 5r Vaughn, 18 Jacobson, 2j Jorgenson, 55 Starks, 7 Smith, 88 Carter, 98 Jensen
Lap leaders 7s Eric Fisher 1-25
Hard Charger 7s Fisher +1 positions gained
Fast time 23 Steve Parker 12.598
Heat 1 33 Bill Rude, 23 Steve Parker, 5 Adam Hinds, 22 Devin Barnes, 57 James Bundy, 4b Cale Brooke, 9 Greg Otis
Heat 2 0 Tyler Fox, 46 Zach McCabe, 13a Ashley Lewellen, 78 Steve Reeves, 2s Cory Swatzina, 8s Clayton Sibley
Main 0 Tyler Fox, 2s Swatzina, 33 Rude, 23 Parker, 46 McCabe, 57 Bundy, 22 Barnes, 5 Hinds, 4b Brooke, 8s Sibley, 78 Reeves, 9 Otis, 13a Lewellen, 68 B. Gunderson
Lap leaders 0 Tyler Fox 1-20
Hard Charger 8s Clayton Sibley +4 positions gained
Heat 1 91 Chase Goetz, 3s Colton Heath, 21p Robbie Price, 5 madison Hess, 91t Tristin Thomas, 29 Dougie James
Heat 2 14 Garrett Thomas, 11e Ariel Biggs, 21h Todd Hartman, 23 Michael Millard, 27 Annika Johanson, 3h Hannah Lindquist
Main 91 Chase Goetz, 3s Heath, 11e Biggs, 23 Millard, 21h Hartman, 29 James, 91t Thomas, 2 Lee St.Paul, 3h Lindquist, 27 Johanson, 14 G. Thomas, 21p Price, 5 Hess
Lap leaders 21p Robbie Price 1-2,
Hard Charger 29 Dougie James +5 positions gained
Heat 1 81 Jon Gunderson, 71 Rick Young, 7m Eric Vaillette, 20 Travis Meins, 72 Brandon Berg, 12 Tina Thibert, k9 Becky Boudreau, 77mr Clint Meins
Heat 2 4 Matt Powers, 89d Duane Warner, 24p Matt Ploeg, 03 Howard Vos, 50 Jon Edwards, 89 Tom Warner, 29 Mark Toth, 4b James Sims
Main 7m Eric Vaillette, 71 Young, 20 T. Meins, 24p Ploeg, 81 J. Gunderson, 77mr C. Meins, 4 Powers, 50 Edwards, 12 Thibert, 29 Toth, 89 T. Warner, 89d D. Warner, 72 Berg, 03 Vos, 4s Sims, k9 Boudreau
Lap leaders 7m Eric Vaillette 1-17

Hard Charger 77mr Clint Meins +7 positions gained