Patriot Sprint Tour & CRSA Sprints Technical Rules Bulletin

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From Paul Harkenrider

SODAS, NY (March 7, 2018) — Mike Emhof Motorsports, Inc. is updating the information for the rules pertaining to wheel cover usage within the Patriot Sprint Tour and the CRSA Sprints effective immediately. Each of the series rule books have been updated to reflect the following changes and guidelines.

It is highly recommended that wheel covers have a minimum of 5 mounting points. However, both 5 and 3 mounting point wheel covers will be allowed for competition under the following conditions: Wheel covers having a minimum of 5 attachment points may use Steel Dzus ¼ turn fasteners. Wheel covers having only 3 attachment points must be bolted-on at all 3 points utilizing a minimum 5/16″, flanged steel or titanium bolt and an approved fastening (nut assembly) system. Optional fastening systems that are equal to or superior to the above-approved system will be reviewed for use at the sole discretion of PST & CRSA Technical Officials.

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