Maybe, Finally!

by TJ Slideways

A couple of weeks ago Dale Earnhardt won his first Daytona 500 after many years of trying. Many of the headlines read similar to, “Finally, Dale Wins the Daytona 500”. In the spirit of this event, I got to thinking of some things that may finally happen in Open Wheel racing for the season and seasons ahead.

Maybe, finally….

…Pennsylvania and Ohio Speedweeks will be on different dates so many fans and racers can attend both.

…I’ll finally feel compelled to go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year now that many of the Open Wheel heroes that I have grown up watching are going to get a shot at the 500.

…someone with a regional sprint car group will see what Jack Calabrase and NAMARS are doing for the sport. NAMARS is on the cutting edge of promotion, helping its drivers and car owners, and putting on a great show for the fans.

…people will realize this page takes a lot more effort than one that does not have original graphics and programs. Someday, I hope more will notice this difference that this page is all original ideas and content. I do think this site pushes the others in what can and should be done.

…someone will realize that most of the time four divisions on any race program are way too many.

…promoters will notice most of the catch fences at race tracks need to be upgraded to be much stronger and higher.

…we’ll see Steve Kinser back in winning form.

…I’ll be able to get to the Sharon Nationals and the Attica Ambush this year. I’ve missed these two events for so many years. Every year I plan on going, and then something comes up.

… an entire season will pass without a wing/non-wing debate being started on the Open Wheel Wizard.

…people will actually show up to watch the Wolverine Mid Season Nationals this year. With street stocks being added to this year’s program, it still will not be anything like last year’s terrific show. We as fans are really to blame for having all the other classes added for not showing up to see last year’s show.

…that going to your local track beats the heck out of watching a Saturday night stock car race live on TV any time!

…the Knoxville Nationals won’t fight Mother Nature this year. I’m tired of not being able to hit Kokomo on the way home Sunday.

…the promoters who thought the NARC purse was too large should look at the deal they are getting compared to other top touring groups. It’s no wonder many of these teams come to the Midwest. (I know it’s out of my coverage area, but it had to be said)

…girls will dig the guys who carry around the laptops and notepads as much as the guys in Nomex. (Note: Don’t put money on this one! :-) )

…people in Indiana will give it up Gas City I-69 Speedway! Every show I saw and heard about from others got rave reviews.

…I’ll see a local race I have admired for years with a TJ Slideways decal on their car. It’s just too bad Bimbo Adkins retired!

…the 360 race the week after the Knoxville Nationals at Eldora may be one of the best shows of the year. It’s on my hit list for the 1998 season. ASCS 360 sprint cars put on a great show!

…Rick LeJeune will be recognized as one of the most intelligent sprint car people in the world. Rick really does his homework. Now that he is the voice of “the Big E”, more people will hear him. That is if they get the sound system turned up enough :-)

…more than 20 cars in each division will show up to race a USAC show at Winchester.

…that USAC’s rule that only lets 40 cars run heat races during Indiana Speedweek stinks. Let at least 50 run the heats. I predict during at least one of the programs one of the SCRA teams will be caught and won’t make it out of a last chance race.

…Grand Rapids, Michigan will finally get ESPN 2:-) (For those who don’t know, Grand Rapids is big time racing town and can’t get the deuce added to their cable system)

…March 28th will arrive with good weather so I can get to an outdoor race!

…I’ll crack the 50 race mark this year. I want to do this so back I may have to take in a race without sprints, midgets, or supermodifieds on the program. Ok, maybe I don’t want 50 that much:-)

We wish everyone a great 1998. For the fans, we’ll see you at the track. Make sure to stop by the Dodge truck camper/race chaser and say hi. For the racers, remember to keep it on the ground, and run it Slideways!