Hall Wins at Waynesfield

Luke Hall
Luke Hall

From Waynesfield,Jan Dunlap Photo

Waynesfield, OH

Mother Nature has been particularly brutal to racing at Waynesfield Raceway Park the last few weeks, and she tried to wreak havoc Saturday night once again. The drivers, crews, staff and fans at WRP persevered and were rewarded with a racetrack that ended up being lightning fast all night long, making for great racing for all of those who braved the light rain that fell off and on all evening.

The Ohio Cycleworx 360 Sprints were next to hit the track and speed was the word for the evening. With the light rain that persisted, the clay stayed super tacky and the 360s used it to their advantage. In feature action Luke Hall was able to jump out to an early lead with Mike Dussel, Hud Horton, and Tim Allison in tow. It appeared as “Mr. Excitement” was going to begin his charge to the front before taking a wicked flip in turn 4 ending the 2009 Ohio Cycleworx 360 Sprint Champion’s evening on the hook. When racing resumed, it was all Luke Hall out front, with Mike Dussel able to close to within a car length a couple times, but Luker was able to knife his way through lapped traffic with ease and pick up the win. Hall was followed by Dussel, Hud Horton, Jared Horstman, and JR Stewart. Heat races were won by Allison, and Jeff Williams.

Waynesfield Raceway Park is back in action next Saturday May 22nd, featuring the return of “Chase for the Case” for the Lee’s Hydraulics Non Wing Sprints, Post Agri-Service UMP Modifieds, JR and Sons Service Center Compacts, and Miracle Motorsports Tuff Trucks. Come out and see if a lucky driver can pick up a little something extra out of one of three cases next Saturday May 22nd. Pit Gates open at 4PM, Grandstand gates at 5PM, Hot laps at 6:15, Racing at 7PM. Come see why we say “Dirt Track Racing’s Best Kept Secret is Now Out.


Ohio Cycleworx 360 Sprints

Heat 1

1. 11 Tim Allison, 2. 6 Mike Dussel, 3. 34 Luke Hall, 4. 17 Jared Horstman, 5. 35 Ronnie Blair, 6. 2m Ethan Hoy, 7. 10 Pete Ischii, 8. 57 Mike Dunlap

Heat 2

1. 5w Jeff Williams, 2. 28H Hud Horton, 3. 48 Tommy Kerce, 4. 6s JR Stewart, 5. 4 Andrew Bowsher, 6. 10c Bob Carman, 7. 32m Derek Hastings, 8. 22d Dennis Yoakum

A Main

1. 34 Luke Hall, 2. 6 Mike Dussel, 3. 28H Hud Horton, 4. 17 Jared Horstman, 5. 6s JR Stewart, 6. 57 Mike Dunlap, 7. 35 Ronnie Blair, 8. 5w Jeff Williams, 9. 10 Pete Ischii, 10. 32m Derek Hastings, 11. 48 Tommy Kerce, 12. 2m Ethan Hoy, 13. 11 Tim Allison, 14. 4 Andrew Bowsher, 15. 22d Dennis Yoakum 16. 10c Bob Carman