Alumbaugh Wins Gary Scott Memorial

wow winged outlaw warriors
wow winged outlaw warriors

By Chad Buford
Moberly, MO(May 29th)-Taking advantage of Jonathan Cornell’s misfortune, Austin Alumbaugh scored his second career Winged Outlaw Warrior win at 24 Raceway Saturday night winning the Gary Scott Memorial.

On the original start, Andrew Helm got upside down bringing out the red flag. He was uninjured. Jon Corbin led early from his outside front row starting position followed by Rusty Potter and series point leader Eric Todd. Corbin continued to lead as Jonathan Cornell made his way to the front. Cornell would pass Corbin on lap fifteen and looked on his way to his second career Winged Outlaw Warrior win, but he got too high and into the wall bringing out the yellow with eighteen laps complete. He would change a tire and restart at the tail.
Alumbaugh restarted at the front and led the final two laps in the Rick Wood Masonry/Nevels Sign Graphics/Alumbaugh Heating and Cooling XXX with B.R.E. power. Corbin ran a strong second in his Dale McCarty owned Maxim. Potter ran third in Roy Cary Livestock and Machinery Singer-powered Maxim with Jay Kinder fourth in the Marquis Okley-powered Maxim. Chris Walker rounded out the top five in the Santa Fe Glass Gaerte-powered McGarry Chassis. Tyler Blank was sixth followed by Cornell, Curtis Boyer, Jordan Whitehead, and Dakota Carroll. During the night, the WOW drivers went through the stands and $765 was raised in the memory of Jesse Hockett. Hockett, a fan favorite throughout Missouri, was tragically lost in a shop accident this past week.

Tonight at Double X Speedway, the feature will be 25 laps and is the “Tribute To Jesse Hockett”.

24 Raceway


17 cars

1st Heat-8 laps

1. 3P Rusty Potter-Boonville, MO(4) 2. 75 Tyler Blank-California, MO(1) 3. 88 J Kinder-Holt’s Summit, MO(2) 4. 18W Chris Walker-Oak Grove, MO(7) 5. 8W Jordan Whitehead-Andover, KS(5) 6. Randy Combs-Tipton, MO(9) 7. 35G Barry Gifford-Ponca City, OK(3) 8. 82 Tom Ward-Warrenton, MO(6) 9. 21X Joe Todd-Falcon, MO(8)

2nd Heat-8 laps

1. 28 Jonathan Cornell-Sedalia, MO(2) 2. 9M Jon Corbin-Kansas City, MO(3) 3. 21T Eric Todd-Falcon, MO(4) 4. 33 Austin Alumbaugh-Higginsville, MO(7) 5. 93 Taylor Walton-Warrensburg, MO(5) 6. 72 Curtis Boyer-New Haven, MO(6) 7. 11C Dakota Carroll-LaMonte, MO(1) 8. 19 Andrew Helm-Excelsior Springs, MO(8)

A Main- 20 laps

1. 33 Alumbaugh(8) 2. 9M Corbin(2) 3. 3P Potter(4) 4. 88 Kinder(3) 5. 18W Walker(7) 6. 75 Blank(6) 7. 28 Cornell(5) 8. 72 Boyer(12) 9. 8w Whitehead(9) 10. 11C Carroll(14) 11. 93 Walton(10)-DNF 12. 35G Gifford(13)-DNF 13. 21T E.Todd(1)-DNF 14. 82 Ward(15)-DNF 15. 21X J. Todd(17)-DNF 16. 4 Combs(11)-DNF 17. 19 Helm(16)-DNF