sos Southern Onatario Sprints
sos Southern Onatario Sprints

From Tommy Goudge (June 19, 2010) – Glenn Styres led much of the Southern Ontario Sprints feature again at Brighton Speedway on Saturday night, but for the second race in a row, he didn’t get the win. This time it was Jamie Collard who stole the victory away with a thrilling pass on the last lap.

Collard and Styres started on the front row for the twenty lap feature, and were neck and neck at the start/finish line completing the first lap. With that lap in the books, the caution flag flew for an infield tire barrier that had been knocked onto the track in turn two, while Adam West took his #30 to the pits with mechanical problems at the same time. Styres was determined to be the leader for the single-file restart.

When the green flag flew again, Styres took off, leaving Collard and third starter Keith Dempster to fight over the runner-up position. Rick Wilson and Chris Jones were also having a great battle for the fourth spot in the early going, until the second of three caution flags flew on lap five for a Doug Banks spin in turn four.

Styres again held court on the restart, while the rest of the top six jockeyed for position until the final caution of the event flew for the stopped car of April Wilson on lap twelve. Styres continued to hold the lead when the green flag came out again, but Collard and Dempster stayed closer. Collard had been patiently working the inside line of the quickly-drying speedway since the start of the race, while Styres ran the top side. Exiting turn four on the next-to-last lap, Styres had to switch lanes to get around a lap car, and Collard made it three-wide with Styres and the slower car as they raced under the white flag.

Collard outran Styres over the last lap to take the checkered flag by a car length. The win was the Burford driver’s first career SOS feature win, and second career Sprint Car feature win. Styres settled for second, followed by Dempster, Rick Wilson, and Warren Mahoney.

Heat races for the seventeen car field were claimed by Collard and Chris Jones.

– Tyler Rand’s car was at the Speedway early, but Tyler himself was attending a wedding and did not arrive until shortly before the feature was scheduled to begin. The 2009 SOS rookie of the year started at the rear of the field and made his way to seventh when the checkered flag flew. His ten positions gained made him the hard charger, and kept him second in the championship standings after two events.

– Doug Banks battled adversity all night to come home in eighth place. The sophomore driver from Kingston was scheduled to start on the pole of his heat race, but his front axle broke just as the green flag was thrown. Banks and the Riverside Bar and Grill crew worked hard to get the car back together for the feature race, but the start of that didn’t go any better. He spun off turn four to bring out a caution flag on lap five, but then restarted at the rear of the field and made his way quietly to eighth by the end of the race. It was his second consecutive top ten finish and it earned him the Stealth Racewear “Under the Radar” award.

– Warren Mahoney and Jamie Collard both made their first SOS starts of the season on Saturday after missing opening night last month. Collard’s win was the fourth for car owner Miles Hill at Brighton.

– The SOS tour gets back to action for round three of the 2010 season on Friday, July 3, at Ohsweken Speedway.

Brighton Speedway – Brighton, Ontario

(Number Name – Hometown)
0 Glenn Styres – Ohsweken
01 Kyle Fraser – White Lake
2 Brad Lodge – Stouffville
5 Keith Dempster – Alton
7x Jamie Collard – Burford
9 Jim Munsie – Newmarket
10 Bob Crawford – Sutton
11j Chris Jones – Demorestville
15aw April Wilson – Joyceville
25 Warren Mahoney – Lefroy
30 Adam West – Ridgetown
42w Rick Wilson – Joyceville
45x Doug Banks – Kingston
66 Frank Baranowski – Mount Hope
79 Dick Mahoney – Newmarket
84 Tyler Rand – Consecon
98 Paul Pekkonen – Brockville

(top 3 finishers redraw for feature starting positions)

(8 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 7x Jamie Collard (5)
2. 25 Warren Mahoney (3)
3. 0 Glenn Styres (2)
4. 10 Bob Crawford (8)
5. 15aw April Wilson (6)
6. 98 Paul Pekkonen (1)
7. 01 Kyle Fraser (4)
8. 84 Tyler Rand (7) DNS

(8 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 11j Chris Jones (3)
2. 5 Keith Dempster (5)
3. 42w Rick Wilson (6)
4. 30 Adam West (7)
5. 9 Jim Munsie (9)
6. 2 Brad Lodge (8)
7. 66 Frank Baranowski (4)
8. 45x Doug Banks (1) DNF
9. 79 Dick Mahoney (2) DNS

(20 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 7x Jamie Collard (1)
2. 0 Glenn Styres (2)
3. 5 Keith Dempster (3)
4. 42w Rick Wilson (4)
5. 25 Warren Mahoney (6)
6. 11 Chris Jones (5)
7. 84 Tyler Rand (17)
8. 45x Doug Banks (13)
9. 10 Bob Crawford (7)
10. 01 Kyle Fraser (11)
11. 79 Dick Mahoney (14)
12. 9 Jim Munsie (15)
13. 15aw April Wilson (9)
14. 66 Frank Baranowski (12)
15. 2 Brad Lodge (16)
16. 98 Paul Pekkonen (10)
17. 30 Adam West (8) DNF

Stealth Racewear “Under the Radar” Award – 45x Doug Banks

Rank. Number Name – Total
1. 5 Keith Dempster – 332
2. 84 Tyler Rand – 294
3. 0 Glenn Styres – 287
4. 10 Bob Crawford – 285
5. 42w Rick Wilson – 273

Friday, July 2, 2010
“Northern Summer Nationals”
Featuring SOS, ASCS Patriots,
ASCS Sprints on Dirt, and Corr/Pak Merchandising Sprints
@ Ohsweken Speedway – Ohsweken, Ontario