Ryan Jamison Wins Sprint Invaders Round at Peoria!

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From Bill W

Ryan Jamison led late in July and ended up second to Kaley Gharst at the Cedar County Raceway. Sunday, he turned the tables on Gharst, taking a lap four lead and driving to his first 2010 win with the Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders at the Peoria Speedway in Illinois at the Kitchen Cooked Sprint Car Summer Shootout.

Matt Rogerson, returning to competition in Andy Huston’s 305 #40x machine, spun before a lap could be completed. The high-banked 1/4 mile track yielded two and sometimes three clear racing grooves. Gharst shot out to the early lead in the 25-lap feature busting the cushion on top of the banking. Jamison was persistent in taking the lead on lap four.

Two laps later, Rogerson spun again, collecting his teammate, Huston. Jamison led Gharst, Matt Sutton, Bret Tripplett and Bobby Mincer back to green on the restart. At the halfway point, Jamison, Gharst and Sutton were still one, two, three, followed by Korey Weyant and Mincer.

The race came to an end for Jordan Goldesberry and Ben Wagoner when they contacted on the frontstretch on lap fourteen. Jamison shot out to another lead, utilizing the bottom of the track and cruised to the win. “The key was really hitting my spots, and also being patient,” he said. “Slowing down to go fast was important tonight. Tipton (Cedar County) bummed me out a bit, because I thought we could have got that one too. I’m just glad we can still win one!”

Gharst was true to the cushion atop the high banks and finished second, after winning his heat and the dash. “We were good on the top, and Jamison was able to get under us,” he said. “We were pretty even with him, but we would bobble and he would pull away again. We got to traffic and the yellow would come out. We really needed that traffic, but ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda.”

Sutton also rode the rim to third. “Chris (McGraw) had our car dialed in really nice all night,” he said. “We were really good all night long. I thought we had a shot at the dash, and the run in the feature was good. It was awful fun to run with Ryan and Kaley. I’d also like to congratulate Ryan on his win.”

A three-way battle for fourth went to Mincer, ahead of Donnie Steward and Tripplett. Hard-charger Jim Moughan Jr., Scott Thiel and Kyle Chady rounded out the top ten. Heats were won by Sutton, Gharst, Jamison and Wagoner. Gharst also took the Kitchen Cooked Shake-up Dash and Moughan won the B.

Next up, the Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders head to the Knox County Speedway in Knoxville, Illinois and the Knox County Fair on Thursday, August 1.


Ideal Ready Mix 25-lap A main Finish (started): 1. 51J, Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, IA (4) 2. 14P, Kaley Gharst, Decatur, IL (1) 3. 3, Matt Sutton, Macomb, IL (3) 4. 15, Bobby Mincer, Burlington, IA (6) 5. 16HD, Donnie Steward, West Burlington, IA (12) 6. 99w, Korey Weyant, Springfield, IL (9) 7. 22, Bret Tripplett, Middletown, IL (2) 8. 1m, Jim Moughan Jr., Springfield, IL (17) 9. 64, Scotty Thiel, Sheboygan, WI (18) 10. 57, Kyle Chady, Benton, IL (15) 11. 84x, Manny Rockhold, Pekin, IL (16) 12. 38, Seth Wilke, Burlington, IA (20) 13. 40, Andy Huston, Roseville, IL (14) 14. 99, Jimmy Davies, Oquawka, IL (8) 15. 4J, Justin Parrish, Oquawka, IL (19) 16. 11, Mark Brucker, Elliott, IL (11) 17. 65, Jordan Goldesberry, Springfield, IL (13) 18. 84, Ben Wagoner, Emden, IL (5) 19. 53H, Matt Harms, Chillicothe, IL (10) 20. 40x, Matt Rogerson, West Burlington, IA (7). Lap Leaders: Gharst 1-3, Jamison 4-25. Hard Charger: Jim Moughan Jr.

Golden Eagle Distributors – Budweiser of Burlington Heat Race #1 (8 laps, top four to feature, top two to Dash): 1. Matt Sutton (4) 2. Jimmy Davies (1) 3. Korey Weyant (3) 4. Jordan Goldesberry (6) / 5. Jim Moughan Jr. (7) 6. 23, Kevin Hetrick, Gladstone, IL (2) 7. 79, Destini Clark, Bollingbrook, IL (5)

Cole Implement of Media, IL Heat Race #2 (8 laps, top four to feature, top two to Dash): 1. Kaley Gharst (1) 2. Bret Tripplett (5) 3. Matt Harms (6) 4. Andy Huston (4) / 5. Jesse Wagler, Mediapolis, IA (2) 6. 44, John Draper, Bryant, IL (7) 7. 61J, Jake Blackhurst, Mapleton, IL (3)

Huston Land Improvement of Roseville, IL Heat Race #3 (8 laps, top four to feature, top two to Dash): 1. Ryan Jamison (2) 2. Matt Rogerson (7) 3. Mark Brucker (1) 4. Kyle Chady (3) / 5. 95, Tommy Rockwell, Towanda, IL (6) 6. 73, Kenny Bragg, Gilson, IL (5) 7. 53, Dave Anderson, Burlington, IA (4)

CenPeCo Lubricants Heat Race #4 (8 laps, top four to feature, top two to Dash): 1. Ben Wagoner (3) 2. Bobby Mincer (5) 3. Donnie Steward (6) 4. Manny Rockhold (4) / 5. Scotty Thiel (7) 6. Justin Parrish (1) 7. Seth Wilke (2)

Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips Shake-Up Dash (6 laps): 1. Kaley Gharst (2) 2. Bret Tripplett (1) 3. Matt Sutton (8) 4. Ryan Jamison (4) 5. Bobby Mincer (7) 6. Matt Rogerson (6) 7. Jimmy Davies (5)

Holtkamp’s Truck and Trailer Repair B Main (12 laps, top four to feature): 1. Jim Moughan Jr. (1) 2. Scotty Thiel (4) 3. Justin Parrish (8) 4. Seth Wilke (12) / 5. Tommy Rockwell (3) 6. Destini Clark (9) 7. Dave Anderson (11) 8. Kevin Hetrick (5) 9. Jesse Wagler (2) 10. Jake Blackhurst (10) 11. Kenny Bragg (7) 12. John Draper (6)

Contingency Awards:

Rod End Supply: Seth Wilke, Matt Harms

Saldana Racing Products: Justin Parrish

Weld Racing: Jimmy Davies

Hepfner Race Products: Jordan Goldesberry

Brake Man: Andy Huston