Rauch Survives and Sweeps El Paso County Speedway

Keith Rauch
Keith Rauch


Calhan, CO. (August 21, 2010) – Defending RMMRA Champion Keith Rauch driving the IMM, AAI, H&H Resurfacing, Peterson Fluid Systems Spike/ Esslinger survived the race shorten (due to 10:00 p.m. curfew) 20 Lap “A” Feature at El Paso County Speedway in Calhan, CO Saturday night on a dry slick track.

Third year Midget driver Julee Jamison and Keith Rauch lead the field to the green flag with Jamison leading after lap one. On lap two, one of three yellows came out for Greg Schaefer after he made contact with the infield tire ending his night with damage to the car. On the restart, Jamison took the point again with Rauch and Chris Sheil trailing. On lap eight, Rauch passed Jamison for the led going into turn one with Sheil making slight contact with Jamison going into turn two, with Jamison spinning out, causing the second yellow flag. On the restart, Rauch took the point with Sheil on his bumper. On lap twelve, the red flag came out for Tony Rossi flipping a couple times in turn three after making contact with the outside wall, Rossi was ok. On the restart lineup, Sheil car would not re-fire and ending his night.

On the restart, the last of the yellow flags came out for Rookie Midget driver Cole Wood spinning and making contact with the infield tire in turn one, ending his night. On the second restart, the green/white flags were waved for Rauch and Rayburn. At the checker it was Rauch, Rayburn, Bob Harr, Todd Plemons, and Scott Fennell rounding out the top five positions.

Coming for the checker flag, Justin Mallo coming out of turn four made contact with the front straightaway wall and flipped violently going down the straightaway and coming across the start/finish line. Mallo was ok and finished in the 7th position.

The Kinser Air Filter “Hard Charger Award” went to Bob Harr. Harr started 10th position and finished 3rd.


Heat One (8 Laps) – 1. Kyle Rayburn, 2. Chris Sheil, 3. Cole Wood (R), 4. Bob Harr, 5. Ryan Orter (DNS).

Heat Two (8 Laps) – 1. Julee Jamison, 2. Tony Rossi, 3. Justin Mallo, 4. Todd Plemons, 5. Scott Fennell.

Heat Three (8 Laps) – Keith Rauch, 2. Greg Schaefer, 3. Clint Schubert (R), 4. Cory Mallo (R), 5. Kyle Maloney (R) (DNF, Mechanical).

“A” Feature (20 Laps, Shorten to 15 Laps Due to Curfew) – 1. Keith Rauch, 2. Kyle Rayburn, 3. Bob Harr, 4. Todd Plemons, 5. Scott Fennell, 6. Julee Jamison, 7. Justin Mallo, 8. Cory Mallo (R), 9. Cole Wood (R) (DNF, Contact), 10. Chris Sheil (DNF, Engine), 11. Tony Rossi (DNF, Crash), 12. Greg Schaefer (DNF, Contact), 13. Clint Schubert (DNS, Engine), 14. Kyle Maloney (R) (DNF, Mechanical).