Nygaard Wins at River Cities

river cities speedway

From River Cities Speedway

Wade Nygaard won the Sprint Car feature Saturday night at River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The feature was a makeup event from July 16th. Ryan Flaten, Tom Egeland, Mitch Mack, and Bob Martin rounded out the top five.

Sprints (Make-Up Feature From July 16th)


1. 9-Wade Nygaard

2. 50-Ryan Flaten

3. 14-Tom Egeland

4. 92-Mitch Mack

5. 10TR-Bob Martin

6. 99-Jordan Graham

7. 1-Chris Shirek

8. 2-Austin Pierce

9. 8-Casey Mack

10. 11-Nick Shirek

11. 35-Brenden Wilde

12. 16-Rayce Martin

13. 27-Chris Ranten

14. 5-Dave Glennon

15. 25-Cory Mack

16. 31-Shane Roemeling