Weekend Winners: April 15th – 17th, 2011

Wyoming, MI — Congratulations to the following drivers that picked up feature victories during the weekend of April 15th – 17th, 2011.

Friday April 15th, 2011

Ace Speedway MSA Supers Lou Cicconi
Attica Raceway Park w305 Steve Rando
Bloomington Speedway nw410 Rained Out
Brill’s Motor Speedway Champ Sprints Rained Out
Brill’s Motor Speedway e-sprint Rained Out
Carolina Speedway USCS Eric Crocker-Evernham
Elko Speedway UMSS Rained Out
Gas City I-69 Speedway USAC Nat. Sprints Rained Out
Gas City I-69 Speedway USAC FF Midgets – Midwest Rained Out
Golden Triangle  Raceway Park ASCS Gulf South Ray Allen Kulhanek
I-30 Speedway ASCS National Jeff Swindell
Jacksonville Raceway w410 Rained Out
L.A. Raceway w305 Rained Out
Lernerville Speedway w410 Cole Duncan
Ocean Speedway Taco Bravo Sprints Tim Kaeding
Ocean Speedway Spec Sprints Adam Kaeding
Paducah International Raceway WoO Rained Out
Perth Motorplex w360 Liam Dowling
Perth Motorplex w320 Dylan Buswell
RPM Speedway w305
Sharon Speedway w305 Guy Griffin
Silver Dollar Speedway w410 Andy Forsberg
Silver Dollar Speedway Spec Sprints Jimmy Sills
Trail-Way Speedway w358 Steve Owings
Williams Grove Speedway w410 Brian Leppo
Williams Grove Speedway w358 T.J. Stutts

Saturday April 16th, 2011

34 Raceway Sprint Invaders Rained Out
81 Speedway w360 Aaron Berryhill
Blue Ribbon Raceway SRA Rory Button
Brisbane International Speedway Midgets Todd Wanless
Citrus County Speedway nw360 Collin Cabre
Columbus Motor Speedway BSS Rained OUt
Cottage Grove Speedway Limited Sprints Rained Out
Creek County Speedway w360 Waylon Weaver
Creek County Speedway Champ Sprints Brian McClelland
Creek County Speedway E-Sprints Kevin Risley
Delaware International Speedway URC Rained Out
Dodge County Fairgrounds MSA Rained Out
Elko Speedway UMSS Rained Out
Fremont Speedway w410 Rained Out
Fremont Speedway w305 Rained Out
Gator Motorplex w305
Grays Harbor Raceway w360 Rained Out
Grays Harbor Raceway FF Midgets Rained Out
Houston Raceway Park ASCS Gulf South Michael Dupuy
I-30 Speedway ASCS National Gary Wright
I-55 Spedway WoO Rained Out
K-C Raceway w410 Rained Out
Kennedale Speedway Park w305 Davis Barr
Las Vegas Motor Speedway USAC FF Midgets Jessica Clark
Lawrenceburg Speedway USAC Nat. Sprints Rained Out
Lawton Speedway OCRS Kyle Cobb
Lincoln Park Speedway nw410 Rained Out
Lincoln Speedway w410 Rained Out
Lincoln Speedway w358 Rained Out
Madera Speedway NCMA David Goodwill
Marysville Raceway Park BCRA Shannon McQueen
Marysville Raceway Park Spec Sprints Johnny Reeves
Mercer Raceway Park w410 Rained Out
Mercer Raceway Park w305 Rained Out
Montpelier Speedway USAC D1 Regional Midgets Rained Out
Montpelier Speedway USAC FF Midgets – Midwest Rained Out
Montpelier Speedway USAC Young Guns Rained Out
Orland Raceway Spec Sprints
Parramatta City Raceway w410 Rained Out
Path Valley Speedway Park PASS Rained Out
Perth Motorplex w410 David Priolo
Perth Motorplex Midgets Scott Glazebrook
Petaluma Speedway Spec Sprints Geoff Ensign
Placerville Speedway w360 Sean Becker
Port Royal Speedway w410 Rained Out
Port Royal Speedway Super Sportsman Rained Out
Rattlesnake Raceway w360
Riverside International Speedway nw305 Rained Out
Sabine Motor Speedway Southern Thunder Sprints Kody Adams
Selinsgrove Speedway w358 Rained Out
Skagit Speedway w410 Rained Out
Skagit Speedway w360 Rained Out
Skagit Speedway Sportsman Sprints Rained Out
Thunderbowl Raceway King of West Tim Kaeding
Thunderbowl Raceway USAC West Coast 360’s Bud Kaeding
Traverlers Rest Speedway USCS Terry Gray
USA Raceway ASCS Canyon Josh Pelkey
Ventura Raceway VRA Troy Rutherford
Ventura Raceway VRA Seniors Rob Kershaw

Sunday April 17th, 2011

Beaver County Speedway URSS Luke Cransto
Kihikihi Speedway Midgets Rained Out
Kokomo Speedway USAC Nat. Sprints Rained Out
Merced Speedway Spec Sprints Christian Hickman