From Kelly Hart

Alger, WA — The absolute best way to end a great racing evening is watch a last lap at the flagstand pass for the win. ASA member track Skagit Speedway treated its race fans to exactly that on Saturday night as Derek Roberts passed Justin Youngquist at the stripe to lead the last foot of the 20-lap Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprint Main Event and take home the win. For Roberts it was a dream come true. In Winners Circle he said, “I can’t believe I am standing here right now.” Youngquist would finish second with Steve Parker finishing third. The heat race winners were Eric Thibert and Roberts.

Setting quick time in two divisions on the same night is pretty hard to do as well as the usual harbinger of things to come. Travis Jacobson started the night off with fast time in the Budweiser 360 Sprints with an 11.805 second lap. He also set fast time in the 410’s with an 11.492. The heat race winners were Randy Price and Kelsey Carpenter. Devin Madonia made up for last weeks disappointment by leading all 25-laps for the win with Jacobson close behind in second and defending champion Alan Munn third.

The track crew went out before opening ceremonies and gave the race teams a wide open three lane race track which allowed Jayme Barnes run up against the fence and all the way down on the bottom to lead all 25 laps of the Main for the win. Including a lap of 11.079 on just the second night of racing. Danielle Huson and Jesse Whitney were the heat race winners.

In Outlaw Hornet action Jon Gunderson was a new main event winner. The first time winner beat Wade Swatzina and Freddie Vela who led most of the race before finishing on three wheels. Gunderson and Vela won the heats.

Saturday night May 7th the ASCS Northwest Region 360 Sprint Cars along with the Outlaw Hornets are at Skagit Speedway. It is the inaugural appearance for the NW premiere traveling series of 360 Sprints at the famed 3/10th mile clay oval. More details are available at

RESULTS 4/30/11

Fast Time: Travis Jacobson 11.492
Heat 1: Danielle Huson, Jacobson, Barry Martinez, Alec Covert, Otto Jorgenson
Heat 2: Jesse Whitney, Jayme Barnes, Eric Fisher, Kevin Smith, Kelleigh Johnson
Main: Jayme Barnes, Whitney, Huson, Otto Jorgenson, Johnson, Fisher, Martinez, Alec Covert, Smith
Lap leaders: Barnes 1-25
Weld Wheels Hard Charger: Otto Jorgenson

Fast Time: Travis Jacobson 11.805
Heat 1: Randy Price, Danny Kirkpatrick, Jacobson, Devin Madonia, Jonathan Jorgenson
Heat 2: Kelsey Carpenter, Mack Brown, Chad Hillier, Alan Munn, Bud Ashe
Main: Devin Madonia, Jacobson, Munn, Carpenter, Price, Rod Perkins, J. Jorgenson, Ashe, Brown, Hillier, Kirkpatrick
Lap leaders: Madonia 1-25

Weld Wheels Hard Charger: Jonathan Jorgenson

Heat 1: Eric Thibert, Justin Youngquist, James Bundy, Rob Schroder, Paul Burdick
Heat 2: Derek Roberts, Steve Parker, Dave Mead, Michael Hodel, Clayton Sibley
Main: Derek Roberts, Youngquist, Parker, Cory Swatzina, Rob Schroder, Hodel, Burdick, Sibley, Michael Ballenger, Bundy, Mead, Curtis Clark, Victoria Cantu, Cale Brooke, Bill Rude, Ashley Lewellen, Eric Thibert
Lap leaders: Parker 1- 14, Youngquist 15-19, Roberts 20
Weld Wheels Hard Charger: Cory Swatzina

Heat 1: Jon Gunderson, Tom Warner, Wade Swatzina, Stacy Sims, Ken Higby
Heat 2: Freddie Vela, Rick Young, Matt Ploeg, Howard Vos, Matt Powers
Main: Jon Gunderson, Wade Swatzina, Vela, Ploeg, Powers, John Edwards, Sims, Adam Nelson, Clint Meins, Cliff Ballenger, TJ Campbell, Ken Higby, Dave Erlandson, Tina Thibert, Vos, Young, Larry Kwik
Lap leaders: Vela 1-14, Gunderson 15-17
O’Reilly Hard Charger: Clint Meins