Billy D Wins 358 Feature at Port Royal

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Port Royal, PA — (May 28th, 2011) — Billy Dietrich of Aspers won the third 358 sprint main of his career at Port Royal Speedway Saturday night, leading all 20 laps of the 358 main to also record his third overall win of the 2011 season.

In the 20 lap AB Auto Glass Late Model feature, Scott Haus took the lead from point leader Scott Flickinger on the third circuit to march to his first Port win of the season while Mike Wagner II., was able to crack the stranglehold that his brother Logan has held over the 305 sprint series in the area this season.

Twin enduro dashes were taken by Ryan Leister and Craig Imes.

Dietrich started on the pole of the 358 sprint main before going on to wire the field for the victory ahead of second starter Dale Hammaker of Grantville, who finished where he started as well.

Fifth starter Nate Snyder of Halifax was the man on the move during the last half of the race, motoring up to third by the finish.

Kyle Moody and Jordan Frontz completed the top five.

Twin heats went to Dietrich and Hammaker.

Flickinger started second in the late model feature and led the first pair of laps before Haus took over for the 93rd win of his Port Royal career.

Flickinger settled for second followed by fifth starter Chris Shuey, Waylon Wagner and Tim Wilson.

Twin late model qualifiers went to Haus and Flickinger.

The 305 sprint feature saw Mike Wagner II., start second in his 20 lap feature and lead all the way for his third victory ever at the track.

Tyler Bear took over second late in the race and despite getting a clear shot at Wagner on a restart, failed to mount a challenge for the victory.

Kody Lehman was third followed by ninth starter Joey Hershey and Nathan Gramley.

Heats went to Billy Nye, Bear and Lehman with the consolation going to George Riden.

May 28, 2011 Feature Finishes:

358 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Billy Dietrich, 2. Dale Hammaker, 3. Nate Snyder, 4. Kyle Moody, 5. Jordan Frontz, 6. Kyle Purks, 7. Ted Thomas, 8. Tim Wagaman, 9. Jason Cherry, 10. Billy Schoffstall, 11. Brie Hershey, 12. Jay Galloway, 13. Jim Gearhart, 14. Scott Fisher, 15. Ben Naugle, 16. Nate Hammaker, 17. Todd Reed, 18. Rodney Westhafer,

Late models, 20 laps: 1. Scott Haus, 2. Scott Flickinger, 3. Chris Shuey, 4. Waylon Wagner, 5. Tim Wilson, 6. Jason Miller, 7. Gary Beward, 8. Tim Gray, 9. Eric Zembower, 10. Mike Romig, 11. Terry Naugle, 12. Lindsey Barton, 13. Andy Haus, 14. Bryon Sipe, 15. Mitch Hack, 16. Mike Mort. 17. Garrett Gray, 18. Patrick Bryner

305 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Mike Wagner, II., 2. Tyler Bear, 3. Kody Lehman, 4. Joey Hershey, 5. Nathan Gramley, 6. Randy Kaylor, 7. Mark Watkins, 8. Joe Zap, 9. Brian Sweitzer, 10. Tom Worrick, 11. Reed Thompson, 12. Billy Nye, 13. Joe Smith, 14. Nicole Walker, 15. John Byers, 16. Logan Wagner, 17. Jake Waters, 18. Jason Brandt, 19. Scott Kerschner, 20. Erin Statler, 21. George Riden, 22. Kyle Lloyd, 23. Jason Bergstresster, 24. Brent Comp

Enduro dash, 20 laps, makeup: 1. Ryan Leister, 2. Mike Goodwin, 3. Jan Powell, 4. Adam Yetter, 5. Jen Powell, 6. Deron Henry, 7. Devin Hart, 8. John Goshorn, 9. Scott Hopple, 10. Ed Aucker
Enduro dash, 20 laps: 1. Craig Imes, 2. Trent Brenneman, 3. Jen Powell, 4. Rick Adair, 5. Theresa Kepner, 6. Jan Powell, 7. Sharon Aucker, 8. Deron Henry, 9. John Goshorn, 10. Carl Miller