DeWease Wins at Port Royal

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From Shawn Brouse

Port Royal, PA – Multiple leaders in each of three main events was the theme of the features at Port Royal Speedway Saturday night as Lance Dewease of Fayetteville won for the 94th time in his sprint car career at the track while Mitch Hack took late models and Dan Berry scored pro stocks.

Port Royal Speedway will present Fan Appreciation Night this coming Saturday, July 16 when adult general admission will be just $10.00 with students admitted for $5.00 for a racing card of 410 sprints, late models, 305 sprints and an enduro dash.

Dewease started fourth in the 25-lap Aumiller Insurance sprint main aboard the Don and Lisa Owens No. 30C and drove into third behind leader Rick Lafferty and second runner Justin Henderson on the first circuit.

Looking for his first win of the season at the track, New Jersey’s Lafferty saw sixth starter Chad Layton move into second on the leaderboard with five away and begin to set his sights on the top spot.

But just as it seemed Layton was ready to make a move for the lead, Henderson and Dewease got to watch as Layton looped his mount in the third corner only to keep going, allowing the race to stay under green and allowing both drivers to motor by for second and third.

And then four laps later, the lapped car of Bill Jones Jr. spun in the second corner ahead of Lafferty forcing him to lay on the brakes while again Henderson and Dewease got a bird’s eye view only this time Henderson was able to whiz by for the lead.

The caution appeared moments later with Henderson scored the new leader, looking for his third of the season at the track and second in a row however Dewease disposed of Lafferty on the restart and started coming after the pacesetter.

A caution flag with nine laps left gave Henderson a chance to catch is breath as Dewease had run him down before the break.

But new life or not, Henderson was no match for LD as the Fayetteville Flyer blasted underneath him in turn one when green replaced the yellow to slide up in front as the pair exited the second corner as the new leader.

And once in front, Dewease went unchallenged to the win, which was his second of the year at the speedplant.

“There’s definitely a lot of effort being made here,” Dewease said in victory lane regarding the work being done by speedway leaders and work crews to upgrade the track in 2011.

“There’s more effort here now than I’ve ever seen here and I’ve been racing for 26 years,” he said.

The victory tied Dewease with Todd Shaffer for second on the ovals all-time sprint car win list.

Layton came back for second followed by Lafferty, Mike Wagner and Tyler Walker.

Sixth through 10th went to Davey Sammons, Dan Shetler, Ryan Taylor, Daryl Stimeling and Bob Howard.

Heats for the 26-car field went to Steve Buckwalter, Wagner and Lafferty.

Point leader Scott Haus started second in the 20-lap AB Auto Glass late model feature but could lead only the first five circuits before Mitch Hack got by for the lead.

Hack withstood a restart with eight laps to go with Tim Wilson on his tail to record the eighth win of his career at the oval.

Wilson finished second while Haus backslid to fourth. Three time winner and 11th starter Gary Beward took home third after moving into the spot with six laps left. Chris Shuey was fifth.

Sixth through 10th went to Waylon Wagner, Mike Hess, Bryon Sipe, Sam Schaeffer and Lindsay Barton.

Heats were taken by Barton, Beward and Shuey.

The 15-lap Millers Auto Parts pro stock feature saw Harold Ranck leading early before Dan Berry took over just shy of the halfway point.

The field really shook out late with 13th and final starter John Heane moving into second with a pair of laps left.

Heane wasn’t up to the challenge however as it was Berry for the second time this season crossing the finish line first.

Heane was second followed by Josh Angle, Ranck and Derrick Garman.

There were no heat races.

Feature Finishes: July 9, 2011 –

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Lance Dewease, 2. Chad Layton, 3, Rick Lafferty, 4. Mike Wagner, 5. Tyler Walker, 6. Davey Sammons, 7. Dan Shetler, 8. Ryan Taylor, 9. Daryl Stimeling, 10. Bob Howard, 11. Joey Hershey, 12. Justin Henderson, 13. Mike Erdley, 14. Bryn Gohn, 15. Nicole Bower, 16. Bill Jones Jr., 17. Scott Lutz, 18. Jack Thornton, 19. Brian Ehrenzeller, 20. Josh Dressler, 21. Keith Kauffman, 22. Mark Zimmerman, 23. Steve Buckwalter.

Late models, 20 laps: 1. Mitch Hack, 2. Tim Wilson, 3. Gary Beward, 4. Scott Haus, 5. Chris Shuey, 6. Waylon Wagner, 7. Mike Hess, 8. Bryon Sipe, 9. Sam Schaeffer, 10. Lindsay Barton, 11. Mike Lupfer, 12. Chris Casner, 13. Bob Dunn, 14. Eric Zembower, 15. Terry Naugle, 16. Mike Mort, 17. Patrick Bryner, 18. Scott Flickinger, 19. Tim Gray, 20. Andy Haus,

Pro stocks, 15 laps: 1. Dan Berry, 2. John Heane, 3. Josh Angle, 4. Harold Ranck, 5. Derrick Garman, 6. Brian Towsey, 7. Keith Garman, 8. David Berry, 9. Scott Landis, 10. Ken Stitt Jr., 11. Jason Davis, 12. Lucas Bryner, 13. Nate Fisher