Jason Blonde wins Auto Value Super Sprint race

avss auto value super sprints

From Berlin

Marne, MI – As the 156th Annual Fair week came to an end, Berlin Raceway played host to a jam-packed weekend of racing. A total of seven divisions took laps and every division put on a fantastic show. Winners included Jason Blonde, Tim DeVos, Andrew Nylaan, Brian Bergakker, Brandon Hermiller, Lou Caposey, Cole Roelofs and Tyler Nawrocki.

The finale of the night was provided by the Auto Value Super Sprints for a 30-lap feature; #26 Aaron Pierce and #99 Derek Snyder led the field to the green flag. Pierce took the lead, #26 Jeff Bloom went to second and #07 Ryan Litt was challenging Snyder for third on lap 3. It only took that many laps for the first caution to come out, the #44 Teddy Alberts slowed coming out of turn 2. After the restart, Bloom took the lead and the field sailed around the track. Caution was out again on lap five for the spinning car of #46 Jim Swain. On the restart, Litt dove to the inside of Bloom and #9s of Jason Blonde took the outside. Blonde wound up with the lead on lap 6 when the caution came out again for the #61K Kevin Feeney. Blonde was back to the lead after the restart and the cars got wound up again. By lap 12, Blonde was lapping cars and had a three second lead while second place Bloom was stuck in traffic. With five laps to go, Blonde had lapped up to the ninth position and his lead was 6.5 seconds. His lead was erased on lap 27 when the caution was out for Swain again who had spun in turn three. Blonde continued to lead after the restart and second place was mired in traffic. With just four laps left to complete the race, Blonde had no trouble taking the win; he dominated the race and won by. 8.112 seconds. The rest of the top ten were #7H JoJo Helberg, #55 Mike Ling, #40X Jason Cox, Pierce, Litt, Bloom, #37 Hank Lower, #7 Tim Cox and #61 Jeff Rankin.