Cole Duncan Captures Skyline Victory

From Scott Wolfe

Friday, Jimmy Stinson, Cole Duncan, and Danny Smith filled all three rings of the circus and didn’t need a side-show to woo the fans. Stinson led 23 laps with two hungry sharks on his tail. Smith was the early challenger who couldn’t quite make some early pass attempts stick. Then Duncan challenged Smith in what was a ferociously hard, but crafty exchange of slide job passing during laps 15 through 23. At one point Duncan popped a wheelie down the back chute, while challenging Smith for second.
As if the challenge wasn’t enough, the duo masterfully crafted the exchanges amid some heavy traffic, making the battle more treacherous. On lap 22, Duncan blasted low below a lapped car, drifted high and nosed Stinson for the lead. Smith followed in the same fashion as all three streamed across the finish line in 1-2-3 fashion.
The rest of the top ten also put on a great show. Aaron Higgins was strong all evening and Dave Dickson pulled off another vintage, if not incredible performance from last to fifth. Dickson–the hard charger–was sneaky fast around the bottom, besting a gaggle of hard chargers. Chris Myers recovered from an accident to climb back into a top ten.
Another dual saw Andre Layfield and Wayne McPeek side by side much of the race, sometimes with a strong running Eddie Miller, who left with mechanical problems.
Rounding out the top ten were Duncan, Smith, Stinson, Aaron Higgins, Dave Dickson, Andre Layfield, Wayne McPeek, Chris Myers, Wes McGlumphy, and Kody Kinser. Veteran Benny Hickle flipped clear out of the ball park in turn one in his heat, but was uninjured.

The summary: 8-26-2011 Skyline Speedway

410 Sprint Cars (19)
Fast Time: Jimmy Stinson 10:59
Heat One: Jimmy Stinson, Cole Duncan, Eddie Slone, Chris Myers, Randy Fink, Cody Kinser, Dave Dickson
Heat Two: Danny Smith, Aaron Higgins, Josh Davis, Greg Mitchell, Eddie Miller, Benny Hickel
Heat Three: Brian Benson, Wayne McPeek, Andre Layfield, Eric Martin, John Jenkins, Wes McGlumphy
Feature: Cole Duncan, Danny Smith, Jimmy Stinson, Aaron Higgins, Dave Dickson, Andre Layfield, Wayne McPeek, Chris Myers, Wes McGlumphy, Kody Kinser, Greg Mitchell, Brian Benson, Eddie Slone, Eric Martin, John Jenkins, Eddie Miller, Josh Davis, Randy Fink