Billy Boyd, Jr. Wins Final Night Of East Bay Sprints

Nov. 5th, 2011 – Six divisions once again were on hand tonight here at The Clay By The Bay.

Next up was the East Bay Sprints for their final appearance of the season. Points leader before the races started, Tim George won his heat race and Billy Boyd, Jr. third in points won his heat race as well. Second in points Jimmy Ballew had mechanical problems and was not able to make the feature, leaving the points race between George, Boyd, Jr. and Kerry Gilbert who was fourth in points. Kurt Taylor and Billy Boyd, Jr. made up the front row for the feature event. When the green flag dropped, Boyd, Jr. took the early lead and was on a mission to try and win the points championship. On lap thirteen, Kurt Taylor tried to take the lead away from Boyd, but it seemed Taylor’s rear caught Boyd’s front tire and slid up the track and his tires caught the wall sending Taylor over. At the other end of the track in turn one was D.J. Peebles also went over and landed on his tires as well. Both drivers were ok and walked away. With two laps to go, after starting eighth, Stephen Darvalics made a bid for the lead but was not able to pass Boyd, Jr. “I wasn’t to worried about the points, I just wanted the win” Boyd, Jr. said in Victory Lane. Darvalics finished second, while Terry Witherspoon, Kerry Gilbert and Tim George rounded out the top five. George unofficially wins the points by a mere four points over Boyd, Jr.