Sherman Wins Canyon Clash Again!

2010 ascs American Sprint Car Series

By Lonnie Wheatley

PEORIA, Ariz. (April 28, 2012) – Surprise, Arizona’s Jeremy Sherman successfully defended his Canyon Clash title by racing to victory lane in Saturday night’s ASCS Canyon Region non-wing Sprint Car feature at Canyon Speedway Park’s Second Annual Canyon Clash.

While Sherman took top honors in the headline feature event, other Canyon Clash winners included Brandon Parker in Pure Stocks, Jake Johnson in the X Mods, Brad Weiss in the Southwest Mod Lites and Josh Castro in ASCS2 Micro Sprint Car action as 112 cars filled the pit area.

With 30 ASCS Canyon Region competitors checked in for the night, defending series champion Sherman raced forward from the seventh starting position for his first victory of the year and a series’ best 34 career feature wins.

Sherman beat 14th-starter Mike Colegrove to the checkered flag, while two-time series kingpin Charles Davis, Jr., settled for the show position from the eighth starting position after topping the initial two series events of the year.

Rickie Gaunt was fourth, with Justin Quinn racing from 17th to round out the top five. Front row starters Bruce St. James and Andrew Reinbold were sixth and seventh, respectively, with Dalten Gabbard, Josh Pelkey and Thomas Ogle completing the top ten.

After advancing to the Pure Stock main event from “B” Main action, Brandon Parker rallied from 17th to take the checkered flag as the top four finishers all started five rows deep or further back. Parker crossed the stripe ahead of 10th-starter Steve Bitting, 14th-starter Jeff Carter, 18th-starter Marlowe Wrightsman and Ty Warner.

Jake Johnson came from the second row outside to win the X Modified main event over pole starter Cody Graham, Jason George, Chris Caldwell and John Foster.

In ASCS2 Micro Sprint Car action, Josh Castro parlayed a front row outside starting position into a victory ahead of Garrett Guilkey, Joshua Shipley, Colton Hardy and Dustin Cormany.

Action at Canyon Speedway Park resumes on Saturday night, May 12, with the Second Annual Mother’s Day Race for the Cure featuring IMCA Modifieds, CSP Challenge Cup Sprint Cars, Pure Stocks, Dwarf Cars and Bombers.

Canyon Speedway Park – Canyon Clash Results:

ASCS Canyon Region Non-Wing Sprint Cars:

First Heat: 1. 29-Mike Bonneau, 2. 21-Jeremy Sherman, 3. 51-R.J. Johnson, 4. 77-Dalten Gabbard, 5. 41w-Rick Ziehl, 6. 48T-Thomas Ogle, 7. 5x-Jody Wirth, 8 53-Tom Lee.

Second Heat: 1. 50-Charles Davis, Jr., 2. 2b-Chris Bonneau, 3. 16-Mike Martin, 4. 9-Ryan Linder, 5. 6jt-Michael Curtis, 6. 14-Darrell Sickles, 7. 11T-Lonnie Oliver, 8. 57-Jeff Slinkard.

Third Heat: 1. 7k-Bruce St. James, 2. 12-Josh Pelkey, 3. 17-Mike Colegrove, 4. 0-Stevie Sussex, 5. 32b-Brian Hosford, 6. 17k-Kyle Danielson, 7. 7k-Kiley Fellars.

Fourth Heat: 1. 44-Rickie Gaunt, 2. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 3. 8-Bob Ream, Jr., 4. 93-Justin Quinn, 5. 99-James Aragon, 6. 27h-Jeremy Huebner, 7. 9az-Matt Lundy.

“B” Feature 1: 1. 51-R.J. Johnson, 2. 41w-Rick Ziehl, 3. 93-Justin Quinn, 4. 48T-Thomas Ogle, 5. 14-Darrell Sickles, 6. 7-Kiley Fellars, 7. 6jt-Michael Curtis, 8. 53-Tom Lee, 9. 27h-Jeremy Huebner.

“B” Feature 2: 1. 17-Mike Colegrove, 2. 32b-Brian Hosford, 3. 9-Ryan Linder, 4. 57-Jeff Slinkard, 5. 99-James Aragon, 6. 5x-Jody Wirth, 7. 11T-Lonnie Oliver, 8. 9az-Matt Lundy, 9. 17k-Kyle Danielson.

“A” Feature: 1. 21-Jeremy Sherman, 2. 17-Mike Colegrove, 3. 50-Charles Davis, Jr., 4. 44-Rickie Gaunt, 5. 93-Justin Quinn, 6. 7k-Bruce St. James, 7. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 8. 77-Dalten Gabbard, 9. 12-Josh Pelkey, 10. 48T-Thomas Ogle, 11. 16-Mike Martin, 12. 2b-Chris Bonneau, 13. 51-R.J. Johnson, 14. 57-Jeff Slinkard, 15. 8-Bob Ream, Jr., 16. 32b-Brian Hosford, 17. 29-Mike Bonneau, 18. 9-Ryan Linder, 19. 41w-Rick Ziehl, 20. 0-Stevie Sussex.