Koehler Wins 305 Feature at Clinton County

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pass PA Sprint SeriesFrom Clinton County Raceway

Mackeyville, PA — (June 29, 2012) — Mike Koehler won the 305 sprint car feature Friday night at Clinton County Raceway. Chuck Brion, Ryan Lynn, Reed Thompson, and Ron Aurand rounded out the top five.

Dotterer Equipment 305 Sprints – (11 Entries) – 22K Mike Koehler, 5B Chuck Brion, 26 Ryan Lynn, R6 Reed Thompson, 86 Ron Aurand, 39 Eric Parker, 4 Rodney Peters, 12R Rod Shelley, 36 Mark Watkins, 23 Nathan Gramley, 1st Eric Mathiot(DNS)

Heat Winners – Mike Koehler, Reed Thompson

Lap Leaders – Mike Koehler 1-15