Gallogly Wins at Columbus

bss buckeye super sprint series tease

bss buckeye super sprint seriesColumbus, OH — (August 3, 2013) — Cody Gallogly set fast time, won his heat race, and the feature event for the Buckeye Super Sprint series Saturday night at Columbus Motor Speedway.  Doug Berryman, Talon Stevens, Kevin Mingus, and Adam Belts rounded out the top five.


Winged Sprints

Fast Time: Cody Gallogly

Heat: 1) Cody Gallogly 2) Doug Berryman 3) Joe Speakman 4) Brian Gibbs 5) Dave Saxer

Heat: 1) Frankie Neill 2) Adam Belts 3) Trey Mason 4) Kevin Mingus 5) Talon Stevens

Feature: 1) Cody Gallogly 2) Doug Berryman 3) Talon Stevens 4) Kevin Mingus 5) Adam Belts6) Dave Saxer 7) Brian Gibbs 8) Trey Manson 9) Frankie Neill 10) Joe Speakman11) Todd Buchanan