Kerry Madsen – Second at McCool Junction Highlights Week!

Kerry Madsen. - Mike Campbell Photo
Kerry Madsen. - Mike Campbell Photo
Kerry Madsen. – Mike Campbell Photo

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August 20, 2013 – Kerry Madsen and the Keneric Racing #29 team competed in three events last week with the World of Outlaws.  They topped with a second place finish last Tuesday at the Junction Motor Speedway near McCool Junction, Nebraska.  Two events in North Dakota were also on tap.  The WoO heads north to the Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this weekend for a two-night event.


Kerry qualified 8th at McCool Junction, before winning his heat and the Dash.  “We won the Dash, but the preferred line on the racetrack to start the feature was on top,” he says.  “Steve (Kinser) got the lead and Justin Henderson actually got by us on the start as well.  I’m not sure what lap, but we were able to chase down Justin and I was on Steve for a while.”


It looked a few times like the St. Mary’s, New South Wales, Australia native might come out on top.  “I actually had him passed two or three times,” says Kerry.  “He kept getting me back.  I actually thought I had it done and had the lead on lap 28 or so.  He pulled a slider out of nowhere, and I didn’t have a chance to get him back.  We definitely had a quicker car.  It was disappointing not to get the win, but it was a good run.”


It was on to the River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Friday.  After qualifying 12th quick, Kerry finished third in his heat, keeping him out of the Dash.  “I had the lead there for a lap, and tried to switch to the bottom,” he says.  “I missed the line and got out of rhythm and got passed.  That was really disappointing.”


Kerry would line up 16th to start the event on the action-packed bullring and come home 14th.  “We set the car up thinking it was going to blow off a bit,” he says of the track.  “We ended up too tight for the whole run.  We couldn’t really make any progress, and in fact, we lost a spot or two there which is unusual for us there.  It’s our kind of track.”


Sunday night, the Nodak Speedway in Minot played host to the WoO.  Kerry timed in 7th quick, before running second in his heat, and sixth in the Dash.  That put him outside of row three for the feature.  “We had a good car all night,” he says.  “The track was so slick, that if you were outside on the restarts, you were a sitting duck.  We were on the outside for all of them, and on top of that, I wasn’t making good starts.  On one, I got checked up going into (turn) one, and basically guys were zooming by on the bottom.  We lost a ton of spots on that one.”


After several swaps of positions, Kerry would checker 11th.  “At that point, I actually had to battle back hard for eleventh,” he says.  “We had a decent racecar, so I was actually pretty disappointed with 11th.  That’s racing, but when you have a good car like that and you don’t capitalize it’s disappointing.”


Kerry and the team are excited to get to Edmonton.  “We’ll cross the border today, and we’re anxious to get up there,” he says.  “It’s a fun racetrack.”


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