Kyle Miller Opens Up Herz Precision Parts Wingless National With Win

Cottage Grove Speedway

From Ben Deatherage

Cottage Grove, OR — (August 31, 2013) — Some great racing would take place on Saturday August 31st to open up the Herz Precision Parts Wingless Nationals at the Cottage Grove Speedway. Three classes would be on hand for competition which included the Northwest Wingless Tour, IMCA Modifieds, and Open Comp 4-Cylinders.Kyle Miller of Eugene entered the weekend undefeated when it came to participation in the Wingless Nationals. He has won all three editions that have taken place from 2009-2011.

In the main event the car to beat at first would be Salem’s Kady Adelman. Driving her K&S Motorsports/BC Motorsports/Davison Auto Parts/Adelman Peony Gardens #6A Maxim the young lady would pace the field for the first sixteen laps of the feature. Colin Baker of Cottage Grove, driving the Huddle Automotive Repair/Oregon West RV/Steelhouse Metal Roofing Supply #71JR XXX for car owner Hedge Carter, would put considerable pressure on Adelman for the race lead as he worked and worked the top side of the race track.

Baker would eventually earn the lead on lap seventeen and began to develop a sizable margin until Kyle Miller started to push forward. Miller, in the Gary’s Subaru Service/Grant Springer Racing Engines/Automotive Sheetmetal #10 XXX, would utilize a lapped car as a pick to make the sweeping pass on lap twenty-one for the desired position. Miller would lead the rest of the caution free event for his ninth Northwest Wingless Tour victory of 2013.

Colin Baker would place second followed by Kady Adelman in third. The Maxline Custom Cases/Speedmart Inc./Summerfield Golf & Country Club #23 XXX of Rob Lindsey from Wilsonville was fourth and placing fifth would be Josh Pelkey of Peoria, Arizona, also driving for car owner Hedge Carter, in the Huddle Automotive Repair/Oregon West RV/Steelhouse Metal Roofing Supply #71 XXX.

The IMCA Modified feature was a cracker. Despite several stoppages there was also several lead changes. Medford’s Curt Coggins would grab the initial lead in his Pro Service Center/Cook Crane Corporation/Colortyme #21 Loose Gruff but would lose the top spot on lap five to Tom Berry Jr.

Berry Jr., also from Medford, was wicked fast on the high side of the race track and appeared to be the car to beat in his Berry’s Oak Grove Storage/Rapp Racing/ #11X BRE. As the stop go fashion of the race continued to unfold Berry would lose the lead after a restart on lap seventeen.

The lead would now go to the SKS Racing/Valley Rose Construction/X-Factor Race Cars #24 X-Factor of Cottage Grove’s Curtis Towns. Towns paced the field for a few laps until Mark Carrell of Redmond would put his Mark’s Auto Body/Gray’s Automotive #27 GRT by Phillips in the lead on lap twenty.

Carrell would get out to a good size lead but late in the race would face mechanical issues. Coming to the white flag it would be a scramble for the top spot. Curtis Towns would get the position back and lead the scramble on the final lap to win for the third time in 2013.

The Serendipity Spa & Salon/West End Performance #23 Shaw of Don Muth Jr. from Cottage Grove was second followed by fellow hometown driver Braedon Hand in third piloting the Jerry Severson owned D&D Automotive/West End Performance/Vintage Inn Family Restaurant #7S Pro. The balance of the top five finishers would consist of Mark Carrell in fourth and Springfield’s Dustin Comer crossed the line in fifth in his FM Jones &Sons Quality Trucks/Mid-Valley Metals/Co Poly Tech #46 S.D.M.F.

The Open Competition 4-Cylinder division was dominated by Justin Austin of Pleasant Hill. Austin would lead the majority of the laps in the main event and pick up the win for owner Randy Kuhl and the Big Dog Recycling/Big B Tire #17 truck.

Dale Jenkinson of Marcola in the Dan’s Automotive #9 was second followed by the More of Everything Racing Collectibles #0S of Tom Willie out of Springfield. Springfield’s K.C. Scott in the Dalton Carpet/T.L. Morgan Motors/Dr. Vape Products #30 was fourth and behind him in fifth turned out to be Torrey Carroll from Roseburg in his Carroll Family Racing/JTM Grading and Excavating #11T.

The Cottage Grove Speedway will have the second and final night of the Herz Precision Parts Wingless Nationals on Sunday September 1st. All three of the same classes will be in action. Also don’t forget that the World of Outlaw Sprint Series will be back on Wednesday September 4th after a year hiatus. For more information log on to or call the Northwest Information Hotline at (360)-699-RACE.

Race Summary:
Herz Precision Parts Cottage Grove Speedway Wingless Nationals Night #1
Saturday August 31st, 2013
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

North West Wingless Tour
A Feature: 1. 10-Kyle Miller[9]; 2. 71JR-Colin Baker[8]; 3. 6A-Kady Adelman[1]; 4. 23-Rob Lindsey[3]; 5. 71-Josh Pelkey[5]; 6. 21S-Zack Spaulding[10]; 7. 15R-Vern Scevers[11]; 8. 28-Mark Herz[12]; 9. 27W-Guy Weedman[7]; 10. 89-Sterling Kane[6]; 11. 7K-Kyle Mehner[4]; 12. 57H-Steve Hix[15]; 13. 57-Dusty Redmond[13]; 14. 52-Tim Alberding[17]; 15. 50-Brad Rhodes[14]; 16. 4E-Austin Mero[2]; DNS 4-Jesse Thistle

Dash: 1. 10-Kyle Miller; 2. 7K-Kyle Mehner; 3. 71JR-Colin Baker; 4. 23-Rob Lindsey

Heat 1: 1. 10-Kyle Miller[4]; 2. 89-Sterling Kane[1]; 3. 23-Rob Lindsey[3]; 4. 21S-Zack Spaulding[5]; 5. 57-Dusty Redmond[6]; DNS 4-Jesse Thistle

Heat 2: 1. 71JR-Colin Baker[4]; 2. 71-Josh Pelkey[3]; 3. 4E-Austin Mero[1]; 4. 15R-Vern Scevers[2]; 5. 50-Brad Rhodes[6]; 6. 52-Tim Alberding[5]

Heat 3: 1. 27W-Guy Weedman[1]; 2. 7K-Kyle Mehner[4]; 3. 6A-Kady Adelman[5]; 4. 28-Mark Herz[3]; 5. 57H-Steve Hix[2]

Qualifying: 1. 10-Kyle Miller; 2. 71JR-Colin Baker; 3. 7K-Kyle Mehner; 4. 23-Rob Lindsey; 5. 71-Josh Pelkey; 6. 28-Mark Herz; 7. 4-Jesse Thistle; 8. 15R-Vern Scevers; 9. 57H-Steve Hix; 10. 89-Sterling Kane; 11. 4E-Austin Mero; 12. 27W-Guy Weedman; 13. 21S-Zack Spaulding; 14. 52-Tim Alberding; 15. 6A-Kady Adelman; 16. 57-Dusty Redmond; 17. 50-Brad Rhodes

IMCA Modifieds
A Feature: 1. 24-Curtis Towns[10]; 2. 23-Don Muth Jr.[9]; 3. 7S-Braedon Hand[11]; 4. 27-Mark Carrell[18]; 5. 46-Dustin Comer[13]; 6. 57M-Troy McElroy[6]; 7. 33C-Craig Hanson[5]; 8. 55-Patrick Held[2]; 9. 21C-Curt Coggins[1]; 10. 7W-Steve Walker[14]; 11. 44-Greg McDonald[8]; 12. 73-Bryan Gray[16]; 13. 16-Austin McTaggart[7]; 14. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.[4]; 15. 24H-Kevin Hewitt[3]; 16. 4SALE-Rick Hunsley[12]; 17. 10-Gus Cooper[15]; DNS 9-David Schmidt

Heat 1: 1. 57M-Troy McElroy; 2. 24H-Kevin Hewitt; 3. 7S-Braedon Hand; 4. 23-Don Muth Jr.; 5. 46-Dustin Comer; 6. 73-Bryan Gray

Heat 2: 1. 24-Curtis Towns; 2. 33C-Craig Hanson; 3. 44-Greg McDonald; 4. 55-Patrick Held; 5. 7W-Steve Walker; 6. 9-David Schmidt

Heat 3: 1. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.; 2. 21C-Curt Coggins; 3. 16-Austin McTaggart; 4. 4SALE-Rick Hunsley; 5. 10-Gus Cooper; 6. 27-Mark Carrell

Open Comp 4-Cylinders
A Feature: 1. 17-Justin Austin[7]; 2. 9-Dale Jenkinson[6]; 3. 0S-Tom Willie[4]; 4. 30-K.C. Scott[5]; 5. 11T-Torrey Carroll[2]; 6. 4-Dan Jenkinson[1]; 7. 7C-Josh Corley; 8. 40DD-Josh Linville[3]

Dash: 1. 17-Justin Austin; 2. 9-Dale Jenkinson; 3. 4-Dan Jenkinson; DNS 7C-Josh Corley

Heat 1: 1. 17-Justin Austin; 2. 9-Dale Jenkinson; 3. 30-K.C. Scott; 4. 0S-Tom Willie; 5. 4-Dan Jenkinson; 6. 40DD-Josh Linville; 7. 11T-Torrey Carroll; DNS 7C-Josh Corley

Qualifying: 1. 17-Justin Austin; 2. 7C-Josh Corley; 3. 9-Dale Jenkinson; 4. 4-Dan Jenkinson; 5. 30-K.C. Scott; 6. 40DD-Josh Linville; 7. 0S-Tom Willie; 8. 11T-Torrey Carroll