Brewer Wins Midget Car Feature at I-44 Speedway

From Cody Morris
Oklahoma City, OK — (September 8, 2013) –Two heats and two qualifiers set the stage for Midget main event with Choctaw, Oklahoma’s Cody Brewer earning the pole position start with Tulsa’s Johnathon Halford alongside.
A yellow flew on the first attempt as Brian Harvey was kicked down to the infield. The second attempt fared better with Brewer attacking the top side with vigor to earn the early lead.
Halford and Edmond’s Matt Johnson followed suit, but Brewer had checked out. The final stoppage came 8 rounds into the 20 lapper as Harvey would need a tow off the track, but the stoppage proved irrelevant as Brewer took off once more.
Johnson battled past Halford for the runner up spot, but without a slowdown was unable to catch a streaking Cody Brewer who took the win and cool $600 by over a half track’s margin.
Matt Johnson earned runner up rights with Halford settling for the final podum spot. Richland Hills, Texas racer Aaron Dromgoole shared the Hard Charger effort with Johnson, netting a 4th place finish in his first career Midget start while Tulsa’s Coby Hughes nabbed fifth in his first Midget outing at I44 Riverside Speedway.
Cody Brewer and Coby Hughes earned heat wins over the 12 car field with Brian Harvey and Matt Johnson claiming qualifier honors.
“Midget” A Feature (20 laps):  1. 96 Cody Brewer (1); 2. 85 Matt Johnson (7); 3. 83 Jonathon Halford (2); 4. 2p Aaron Dromgoole (9); 5. 87c Coby Hughes (6); 6. 29s Brian Harvey (3); 7. 9u Doug McCune (5); 8. 1 Bobby Brewer (4); 9. 0z Brock Elliot (8); DNS: 07 Nick Bailey, 14 Eric Fenton
Lap Leaders: Cody Brewer 1-20
Hard Charger: Johnson, Dromgoole +5