Painful Weekend For Netto in Tulare, CA


 Rejoining the World of Outlaws in Tulare, CA over the weekend, DJ Netto’s woes continued, as he struggled to get any momentum on his side.


“We were up and down on Friday night, and on Saturday I pretty much ruined our night in time trials,” he said.


Timing in 24th fastest on Friday night, Netto fended off Jason Meyers aboard his Netto Ag/Penny Newman Grain/Bogies Auto Parts for the sixth and final transfer spot in heat race action, and moved onto the feature event.


Lining up 22nd in the feature, Netto got off to a slow start as the race track was still fairly narrow and tough to move on.


As Netto looked for some real estate to maneuver in, the youngster saved a near disastrous bicycle, and kept going, but in doing so, he tweaked his shoulder, and ran the bottom of the feature as long as he could stand it, until he opted to pull into the infield.


“We bicycled and almost flipped, but in doing so I actually inflamed a ligament in my should known as ‘Cold Shoulder’, and pulled in once the pain got too bad,” he said. “The track was tough to move around on, and it was better to do that than tear some equipment up.”


Saturday night’s surface was a bit more racy, but Netto’s qualifying attempt set the tone for the night, as his 26th fastest effort, put them in the rear of the field all night long.


Finishing seventh in his heat from ninth, Netto was forced to run the LCS, and in the LCS, Netto started ninth, and was unable to get moving forward, and finished ninth, ending his night.


“We are better than our results show, but the driver made some big mistakes all weekend long,” Netto said. “I have to thank all my guys for working hard, and hopefully we can get some momentum on our side.”


DJ and his Netto Racing team would like to thank Netto Agriculture, Penny Newman Grain, Bogies Auto Parts, and Vande Pol Enterprises for their support in 2014.


ON TAP: Netto will be in action this Friday and Saturday at the Stockton Dirt Track in Stockton, CA for the FVP Shootout.


2014 BY THE NUMBERS: Starts-6, Wins-0, Top 5’s-0, Top 10’s-0