Doug Zimmerman races to Spring Championship feature win at Butler Motor Speedway

Doug Zimmerman Tom Willavize photo

From Tom Willavize

Doug Zimmerman Tom Willavize photo
Doug Zimmerman
Tom Willavize photo

Quentin Blonde and Mike Baker would bring the field to the green flag with Blonde jumping to the early lead.  The yellow would wave for Blonde spinning.  On the restart, Josh Turner would grab the lead from Jarrod DeLong.  Turner would build the lead, while Zimmerman would give chase.  Zimmerman would get by Turner in traffic and go on to lead.  A late race red flag would wave when Brandon Hyliard and Max Stambaugh would make contact with Stambaugh taking a wild ride.  Stambaugh would be ok, but his evening was over.  Zimmerman would go on to win his second feature in a row over Turner.  Delong, Ryan Kirkendall and Mike Burns would round out the top 5.  Heat race wins were picked up by Zimmerman and Burns.

Butler Speedway Results – May 17, 2014
Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 2. 4 Josh Turner, 3. 10J Jarrod DeLong, 4. 27K Ryan Kirkendall, 5. 50B Mike Burns, 6. 33 Brandon Hyliard, 7. 5 Quentin Blonde, 8. 6 Max Stambaugh, 9. 94 Fred Worden IV , 10. 1 James Page, 11. 00 Emily Rogers , 12. 12B Mike Baker , 13. 8 Aaron Huff
Heat Winners: Doug Zimmerman, Mike Burns