Boyd Wins Bob Long Memorial at East Bay

Tampa, FL — (August 23, 2014) — At East Bay Raceway on Saturday night Billy Boyd, Jr. won the Sprint car feature.

In the East Bay Sprint 20-lap feature Annual Bob Long Memorial, Guy Bos looked to pick up the win as he led the race holding off Billy Boyd, Jr. But on lap nineteen Bos slid up in turn three giving Boyd, Jr. the opportunity to take the lead. Boyd, Jr. won his second Bob Long Memorial with Guy Bos finishing second and Kerry Gilbert third.

East Bay Sprints Bob Long Memorial (20-lap feature)
1. 9 Billy Boyd, Jr.
2. 3XK Guy Bos
3. 55 Kerry Gilbert
4. 38 Tony Agin
5. 21A Rebecca George
6. 80 Lorenzo Capitano
7. 88 Sport Allen
8. 1* Tim George
9. 17C Aileen Collins
10. 3K Kurt Taylor
11. 21 Jason Webster
12. 20 Frank Carlson
13. 3T Johnny Alexander
14. 50 DJ Peeples
15. 23D Dylan Colding
16. 29 Steve Muller
17. 3 Travis Bliemeister
18. 12 David Kelley