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urc United Racing Company LogoFrom Bob Miller

Delma, DE — (October 8, 2014) — Although the 2014 Rislone URC Sprint Series is still underway, URC is already making plans for the 2015 season.

One of the biggest changes planned is URC’s move to Hoosier Racing Tires. URC has enjoyed a great relationship with Fred Woodward and all the folks at American Racer and we thank them for their support and the quality tire they have provided. With that said, most if not all sprint car groups in our immediate area are on Hoosier and it only makes sense that URC drivers are on the same tire as the dynamics of scheduling races is constantly changing. This change allows URC drivers to increase their level of comfort on the Hoosier Tire and at the same time, allows other drivers currently competing on Hoosiers to possibly compete in URC scheduled events.

In 2015, all URC events scheduled will be full point races. In the past, URC offered just flat or appearance points at designated races, but with numerous rain outs, many full point events were eliminated from the schedule.

Looking to the coming season, URC will continue using the well-received open draw process for handicapping.

Race dates for the 2015 season are being booked and the organization is seeking sponsorship opportunities as well.

The Rislone URC Sprints 2014 finale is set for the Grandview Speedway on Saturday, October 18 in a features only program that will include the URC Sprints, Modifieds, Sportsman, ARDC Midgets and Central Pennsylvania Legend cars all getting underway at 6 PM.