Mattox wins Friday night at East Bay

Top Gun Sprint Car Series Top Story

topgun2013From East Bay Raceway Park

Tampa, FL — (January 30, 20145) — AJ Maddox picks up the win after leader Matt Kurtz hits the cone on the final restart. Maddox took over the lead on lap seven and led until the final caution came out on lap twenty two as Hayden Campbell spun in turn two.

On the final restart Maddox led the field to the green with Danny Martin, Jr. and Matt Kurtz crossing the line behind him. Kurtz tried to slide to the inside of Martin, Jr. but hit the cone and crossed the finish line first, but was penalized for hitting the cone.

“I hated to win that way” Maddox said in Victory Lane. “I was hoping Matt would win after losing his dad just a month ago” Maddox explained. Maddox tried to make his way thru lapped traffic and got hung up behind a lapped car and lost his rhythm he also said.

Maddox thanked his sponsors Edwards Concrete and Robert Delgado for the power plant underneath the hood. He also thanked Ray Bolin for a great ride. When asked if he was ready for tomorrow’s race he stated we will bolt on some new tires and be ready to go.

Rounding out the top five were Danny Martin, Jr., Matt Kurtz, David Steele and Mark Ruel, Jr..

Billy Boyd, Jr., Danny Martin, Jr. and Sport Allen won their heats.

Top Gun Sprints 1/30/2015

A-Main:1. AJ Maddox (Tampa, FL), 2. Danny Martin Jr (Tampa, FL), 3. Matt Kurtz (Jacksonville, FL), 4. David Steele (Tampa, FL), 5. Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL), 6. Daniel Peeples (Riverview, FL), 7. Rick Byerly (Riverview, FL), 8. Keith Butler (Riverview, FL), 9. Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL), 10. Billy Boyd (Riverview, FL), 11. Kerry Gilbert (Dover, FL), 12. Frank Carlsson (Oxford, FL), 13. Brandon Grubraugh (Ocala, FL), 14. Hayden Campbell (Montverde, FL), 15. Sport Allen (Pinellas Park, FL), 16. Kyle Pitts (Mulberry, FL), 17. Michael Steinruck (Lithia, FL), 18. Brett O Donnell (Deland, FL), 19. Bryan Eckley (Tampa, FL), 20. Travis Bliemeister (Venice, FL), 21. Geoff Styner (Cape Coral, FL), 22. Ken Laureno (Port Charlotte, FL), 23. Tyler Godwin (Tampa, Fl), 24. Aileen Collins-Love (Lando Lakes, FL)

Heat Race 1:1. Billy Boyd (Riverview, FL), 2. Hayden Campbell (Montverde, FL), 3. David Steele (Tampa, FL), 4. Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL), 5. Travis Bliemeister (Venice, FL), 6. Brandon Grubraugh (Ocala, FL), 7. Frank Carlsson (Oxford, FL), 8. Daniel Peeples (Riverview, FL)

Heat Race 2:1. Sport Allen (Pinellas Park, FL), 2. Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL), 3. Keith Butler (Riverview, FL), 4. Michael Steinruck (Lithia, FL), 5. Kerry Gilbert (Dover, FL), 6. Rick Byerly (Riverview, FL), 7. Ken Laureno (Port Charlotte, FL), 8. Tyler Godwin (Tampa, Fl)

Heat Race 3:1. Danny Martin Jr (Tampa, FL), 2. AJ Maddox (Tampa, FL), 3. Matt Kurtz (Jacksonville, FL), 4. Bryan Eckley (Tampa, FL), 5. Kyle Pitts (Mulberry, FL), 6. Brett O Donnell (Deland, FL), 7. Geoff Styner (Cape Coral, FL), 8. Aileen Collins-Love (Lando Lakes, FL)

Action continues tomorrow with the Eagle Jet Top Gun Sprints paying $1,000 to win. For more information, visit or call 813-677-7223.