Ireland wins Australian Wingless Title opener

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Richmond, AU — (February 20, 2015) — South Australian Brett Ireland was a surprise winner of the preliminary A-Main on night 1 of the Universal Metal Cleaners Australian Wingless Sprint Championship at Adelaide’s Speedway City. After starting from the outside of the front row he led the 20 lap final from the drop of the green defeating pole sitter Daniel Storer and Daniel Obst in a race that went flag to flag.

Fourth place went to Victorian standout Andy Hibbert with former Australian Champion Todd Wigzell completing the top five after starting from position 9. Defending Champion Daniel Hartigan finished seventh after starting from position 13 due to being put back two spots in his final heat race.

Points After Night 1 (Top 20 of 59);

S71 Brett Ireland 86
V43 Daniel Storer 85
V73 Wayne Hurford 82
S22 Daniel Obst 82
S95 Jarman dalitz 80.5
V17 Andy Hibbert 80.5
S88 Todd Wigzell 79.5
S25 Joel Chadwick 79
S21 Matthew Kennedy 77
S16 Chris Ferrall 77
A1 Daniel Hartigan 77
S79 Keke Falland 76.5
NR71 David Eggins 76
V81 Rhys Baxter 74.5
V48 Simon Smith 74
Q8 Scott Thomsen 72.5
W23 Scott Payet 72.5
V72 Marlin Walsh 72
V19 Sam Wren 71.5
V23 Luke Weel 70.5