Fifty-Five and counting for Wiesz

Marysville Raceway Top Story

From Troy Hennig

Marysville, CA — (April 4, 2015) — Colfax driver Colby Wiesz, a three-time Marysville Raceway track sprint car champion, picked up his 55th career main event win Saturday night. The 25-lap main event win didn’t come easy for Wiesz as he had to fend off a pesky Justin Sanders of Watsonville.

Twenty cars started the 25-lap sprint car main event. The opening lap was slowed when a five car pile-up occurred in turn one. On the ensuing restart it was Wiesz who jumped out the early lead. Even though Wiesz would go on to lead the entire 25 lap distance, the race up front was highly entertaining. Things got good at the midway point of the race when the leaders tried to negotiate slower cars on the race track. Wiesz used his patience and picked off the slower cars one at a time. Sanders continued to pressure Wiesz and joining the fight was Chico’s Kenny Allen.

Unfortunately, Allen made a move to the outside of a slower car going into turn three and rode up and over a right rear wheel that sent him hard into the outside wall. Allen flipped a few times before coming to rest. The red flag was waived and field came to a stop so the safety workers could quickly check on the status of Allen. While Allen was shaken up a bit, he eventually walked off under his own power and waived to the crowd. The final eight laps were as good as it gets with Sanders trying everything he could to pass Wiesz. With two laps to go, Sanders pulled a big wheelie down the back straight. While it was impressive, the wheelie slowed his momentum and allowed Wiesz enough breathing room to lead the final lap with a comfortable lead. Top local drivers rounded out the top five at the finish. Yuba City’s Korey Lovell finished third. Marysville’s Courtney Dozier drove a great race to finish fourth. Grass Valley masher Jeremy Burt finished in the fifth spot.

Bud Walberg drove a flawless race to win the 12-lap B main event. Bobby Butler shadowed Walberg and finished second. William Fielding, Peter Paulson and Scott Clough rounded out the top five. All drivers in the top five transferred to the main event. Wiesz, Billy Wallace and Lovell each won their eight lap heat race. Allen started the night off by earning the fast time award in qualifying. Allen’s fast lap was recorded at 12.562. A total of 26 sprint cars entered the first point race.