Ellerman wins at Path Valley

From Pa Sprint Series

Path Valley, PA — (April 23, 2016) — Scott Ellerman picked up the win at Path Valley Saturday night producing holding off a late charge from Zach Newlin approaching Ellerman as he navigated lapped traffic, it was Ellermans second win of the season making him the second repeat winner of the year. Dale Scchweikart had another top 5 finish Path Valley with Darren Miller and Kyle Lloyd rounding out the top 5.

PASS/IMCA 305 Sprints (20 cars):
1. Scott Ellerman 2. Zack Newlin 3. Dale Schweikart 4. Darren Miller 5. Kyle Lloyd 6. Jeff Taylor 7. Drew Ritchey 8. Scott Lutz 9. Stephanie Dodson 10. Cody Hackenberry 11. Kyle Ganoe 12. Andrew Hake 13. Seth Kearchner 14. Jack Thornton 15. Brad Mellott 16. Kirsten Hess 17. Dave Grube 18. Jim Kennedy 19. Cale Reigle 20. Quintin Hankla