Johnson at the Head of the Class at CSP

R.J. Johnson – Hank Arnold Memorial Winner. (Patrick Shaw / Backed In Photography)

From Lonnie Wheatley

PEORIA, Ariz. (July 30, 2016) – R.J. Johnson atook Saturday night’s headline win at Canyon Speedway Park by racing to victory lane in the Allscapes Back to School Special atop the 1/3-mile clay oval.

Racing from the front row outside, reigning USAC Southwest Sprint Car champion and current points leader R.J. Johnson raced to his third consecutive series win atop the CSP clay aboard the Ford-powered Kodiak Products/Beal’s Auto Body Sherman Chassis No. 77m.

Johnson’s sixth overall series win of the year in the 25-lapper came ahead of Charles Davis, Jr., with Andrew Reinbold racing forward from eighth to fill out the podium in third. Matt Rossi and Mike Martin rounded out the top five.

Canyon Speedway Park
July 30, 2016 – Allscapes Back to School Special Results

USAC Southwest Sprint Cars:

Heat One: 1. 50-Charles Davis, Jr., 2. 5-Tye Mihocko, 3. 02-Matt Rossi, 4. 98-Matt Lundy, 5. 13-Dennis Gile, 6. 27-Nick Aiuto, 7. 54-Landon Cling, 8. 12-Josh Pelkey, 9. 5z-Zack Madrid.

Heat Two: 1. 16-Mike Martin, 2. 11c-Michael Curtis, 3. 77m-R.J. Johnson, 4. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 5. 14az-Dustin Burkhart, 6. 78-Chris Bonneau, 7. 0-Jonas Reynolds, 8. 7k-Bruce St. James.

“A” Feature: 1. 77m-R.J. Johnson, 2. 50-Charles Davis, Jr., 3. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 4. 02-Matt Rossi, 5. 16-Mike Martin, 6. 12-Josh Pelkey, 7. 27-Nick Aiuto, 8. 5-Tye Mihocko, 9. 13-Dennis Gile, 10. 11c-Michael Curtis, 11. 54-Landon Cling, 12. 78-Chris Bonneau, 13. 7k-Bruce St. James, 14. 98-Matt Lundy, 15. 0-Jonas Reynolds, 16. 14az-Dennis Burkhart, 17. 5z-Zack Madrid.