Gio Scelzi Wins King of the West Feature at Placerville

NARC King of the West

Fujitsu King of the West Sprint Car Series presented by NARC
Placerville Speedway
Placerville, CA
Saturday May 13, 2017
Fast Qualifier (1/4 mile oval – 23 cars):

Gio Scelzi – 10.541

Heat Race #1 (10 laps): Bud Kaeding, Michael Kofoid, Gio Scelzi, Kalib Henry, Brent Kaeding, Justyn Cox, Mitchell Faccinto, Scott Males

Heat Race #2 (10 laps): Andy Forsberg, Sean Becker, Willie Croft, Shane Golobic, Jarrett Soares, Chase Johnson, Dominic Scelzi, Jim Richardson

Heat Race #3 (10 laps): DJ Netto, Kyle Hirst, Cory Eliason, Bobby McMahan, Sean Watts, Nathan Rolfe, Andy Gregg

Dash (6 laps): Gio Scelzi, Willie Croft, Bud Kaeding, Kyle Hirst, Cory Eliason, Michael Kofoid, Andy Forsberg, DJ Netto

Feature: Gio NARC King of the West, Sean Becker, Bud Kaeding, Kyle Hirst, Willie Croft, Mitchell Faccinto, Cory Eliason, DJ Netto, Michael Kofoid, Shane Golobic, Justyn Cox, Andy Forsberg, Andy Gregg, Chase Johnson, Brent Kaeding, Jarrett Soares, Nathan Rolfe, Scott Males, Dominic Scelzi, Kalib Henry, Sean Watts, Bobby McMahan