Matt Hein at Western In NSRA Action

Matt Hein Brent Kuhl photo

By Ben Deatherage

Matt Hein
Brent Kuhl photo
Victoria, British Columbia- The Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars headed into the second night of the P&R Truck Centre Daffodil Cup at Western Speedway on Saturday, August 12th. With the threat of wet weather on the way the show was sped up rather quickly but fortunately all of the racing would be completed for the Winged Sprints. Sixteen drivers, just as the night previous, from the Canadian province of British Columbia, as well as the American states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, would compete for the Ross Rocket Memorial trophy.

Duane Zeintsra, of Black Creek, would get out front in the forty-lap feature on the opening start. He would continue to pace the field before unfortunately getting involved in a caution on lap five. Mike Haslam, from Victoria and piloting the Rod and Gord Rendle machine, inherited the position.

Haslam would blaze the trail for the leaders for some time before eventually getting passed by Matt Hein. The Roseburg, Oregon native, of Hein, set a torrid pace and would do his best to pull away from the rest of the pack.

Matt Hein would be challenged a couple of times but managed to keep any potential challengers in check. He would go on to win the main event in only his second start since returning for a serious injury at the Diamond Cup in June. Matt is the fifth different winner of 2017 with the Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprint Cars. Once all of the points were calculated Aaron Willison, out of Langley, would be declared the 2017 P&R Truck Centre Daffodil Cup champion, the first of his career.

Aaron Willison would finish second in the main event over Mike Haslam, who was third. Fourth place went to Colton Nelson, of Boise, Idaho, while the top five was concluded with Victorian Guy Barrett, in fifth.

Aaron Willison was fast time of the night earlier in the evening during time trials. Heat races were won by Duane Zeinstra and Ron Larson, out of Quesnel.

The Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars will be back in action in the month of September in Idaho for the final three nights of the 2017 campaign. September 14th will be a Thursday night affair at Magic Valley Speedway before concluding on the 15th and 16th at Meridian Speedway for the Pink Lady Classic. All three nights will be co-sanctioned with the King of the Wing Sprint Series.

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Race Results:

P&R Truck Centre Daffodil Cup Night #2

Royal Purple NSRA Winged Sprintcars Race #6

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Western Speedway

Victoria, British Columbia

A Feature: 1. 98H-Matt Hein, ; 2. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 3. 14-Mike Haslam, ; 4. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 5. 42-Guy Barrett, ; 6. 32-Ryan Orchard, ; 7. 33J-Jeff Montgomery, ; 8. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 9. 12-Ron Larson, ; 10. 43-Matt Verhagen, ; 11. 11-Joe Dardengo, ; 12. 59-Phil Lagan, ; 13. 65-Levi Rose, ; 14. 9-Duane Zeinstra, ; (DNS) 32H-Mitch Holte, ; (DNS) 76-Andy Alberding,

Heat 1: 1. 9-Duane Zeinstra, ; 2. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 3. 98H-Matt Hein, ; 4. 42-Guy Barrett, ; 5. 65-Levi Rose, ; 6. 32-Ryan Orchard, ; 7. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 8. 11-Joe Dardengo,

Heat 2: 1. 12-Ron Larson, ; 2. 33J-Jeff Montgomery, ; 3. 14-Mike Haslam, ; 4. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 5. 43-Matt Verhagen, ; 6. 59-Phil Lagan, ; 7. 32H-Mitch Holte, ; 8. 76-Andy Alberding,

Qualifying: 1. 41-Aaron Willison, ; 2. 33J-Jeff Montgomery, ; 3. 14-Mike Haslam, ; 4. 98H-Matt Hein, ; 5. 12-Ron Larson, ; 6. 42-Guy Barrett, ; 7. 76-Andy Alberding, ; 8. 43-Matt Verhagen, ; 9. 32H-Mitch Holte, ; 10. 32-Ryan Orchard, ; 11. 33-Kyle Alberding, ; 12. 9-Duane Zeinstra, ; 13. 65-Levi Rose, ; 14. 59-Phil Lagan, ; 15. 28-Colton Nelson, ; 16. 11-Joe Dardengo