Jake Helsel Strikes At Cottage Grove In Night Two Of ISCS Week Of Speed

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By Ben Deatherage
Cottage Grove, Oregon- The second leg of the 2018 ISCS Week Of Speed would take the series to Cottage Grove Speedway on Tuesday, August 14th. Twenty-eight Sprint Cars would join the ISCS representing the states of Oregon and Washington.

In the main event Bailey Sucich set the tone early by grabbing the lead on the opening lap. The Granite Falls, Washington teenager remained in the position for quite some time despite several challengers knocking at her doorstep. Jake Helsel made the decisive pass on the eighteenth circuit and held on to collect the win. It is the Monroe, Washington pilot’s second victory with the ISCS group and the second occasion he has won at CGS in 2018.

Bailey Sucich finished a respectable second with Kinzer Cox, of Cottage Grove, in third. The rest of the top five would be made up of fourth finishing Medford teenager Bailey Hibbard and Junction City’s Shane Forte, in fifth.

Qualifying was divided into four groups with Camden Robustelli from Medford, Harrisburg teenager Tyler Thompson, Cottage Grove’s Hedge Carter, and Jake Helsel setting fast times. Heat race wins went to Bailey Sucich, Creswell’s Eric Bowers, A.J. Harbaugh from McKenzie Bridge, and Helsel. Jacksonville native Tanner Holmes won the consolation feature and was the Travis Rutz Hardcharger Award winner.

The Interstate Sprint Car Series Week Of Speed continues on Wednesday, August 15th at Willamette Speedway in Lebanon. It will mark the second time the series has visited the 1/3-mile clay oval. The ISCS series would like to thank their series sponsors/marketing partners BC Motorsports, Highline Performance, NWSprintCarHistory.com, Champion Racing Oil, and Hoosier Racing Tires. For the latest news and updates regarding the Interstate Sprint Car Series be sure and visit their Facebook page.
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Race Results:

ISCS Week Of Speed Race #2
Interstate Sprint Car Series Race #7

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018
Cottage Grove Speedway
Cottage Grove, Oregon

Group One Qualifying: 1. 25S-Camden Robustelli; 2. 94-Blaine Cory; 3. 26F-Shane Forte; 4. 4J-Allison Journey; 5. 14B-Bailey Sucich; 6. 66B-Brett McGhie; 7. 12-Steve Snawder

Group Two Qualifying: 1. 7-Tyler Thompson; 2. 18T-Tanner Holmes; 3. 87-Kyler Barraza; 4. 70-Raquel Ivie; 5. 38-Eric Bowers; 6. 0-Ashleigh Johnson; DNQ 9J-Bert Johnson

Group Three Qualifying: 1. 71-Hedge Carter; 2. 85-Ricky Ashley; 3. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh; 4. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 5. 66T-Tyrell Mead; 6. 2-Cory Swatzina; 7. 8X-Otto Jorgenson

Group Four Qualifying: 1. 44-Jake Helsel; 2. 1-Bailey Hibbard; 3. 3H-Dave Hibbard; 4. 21W-Jake Wheeler; 5. 3B-Ian Bandey; 6. 4-Justin Tracy; 7. 42-Christian Osborne

Heat One: 1. 14B-Bailey Sucich; 2. 26F-Shane Forte; 3. 66B-Brett McGhie; 4. 4J-Allison Journey; 5. 94-Blaine Cory; 6. 12-Steven Snawder; 7. 25S-Camden Robustelli

Heat Two: 1. 38-Eric Bowers; 2. 0-Ashleigh Johnson; 3. 87-Kyler Barraza; 4. 7-Tyler Thompson; 5. 70-Raquel Ivie; 6. 18T-Tanner Holmes; 7. 9J-Bert Johnson

Heat Three: 1. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh; 2. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 3. 85-Ricky Ashley; 4. 8X-Otto Jorgenson; 5. 71-Hedge Carter; 6. 2-Cory Swatzina; 7. 66T-Tyrell Mead

Heat Four: 1. 44-Jake Helsel; 2. 1-Bailey Hibbard; 3. 21W-Jake Wheeler; 4. 3B-Ian Bandey; 5. 4-Justin Tracy; 6. 42-Christian Osborne; 7. 3H-Dave Hibbard

B Feature: 1. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh; 2. 4J-Allison Journey; 3. 25S-Camden Robustelli; 4. 3B-Ian Bandey; 5. 70-Raquel Ivie; 6. 9J-Bert Johnson; 7. 12-Steven Snawder; 8. 4-Justin Tracy; 9. 42-Christian Osborne; 10. 66T-Tyrell Mead; DNS 3H-Dave Hibbard; DNS 2-Cory Swatzina

A Feature: 1. 44-Jake Helsel; 2. 14B-Bailey Sucich; 3. 1K-Kinzer Cox; 4. 1-Bailey Hibbard; 5. 26F-Shane Forte; 6. 18T-Tanner Holmes; 7. 87-Kyler Barraza; 8. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh; 9. 85-Ricky Ashley; 10. 0-Ashleigh Johnson; 11. 25S-Camden Robustelli; 12. 94-Blaine Cory; 13. 4J-Allison Journey; 14. 21W-Jake Wheeler; 15. 66B-Brett McGhie; 16. 38-Eric Bowers; 17. 8X-Otto Jorgenson; 18. 7-Tyler Thompson; 19. 3B-Ian Bandey; 20. 71-Hedge Carter

Current ISCS Week Of Speed Points (Top Ten):

1. 14B-Bailey Sucich 186; 2. 26F-Shane Forte 181; 3. 1K-Kinzer Cox 179; 4. 87-Kyler Barraza 172; 5. 7-Tyler Thompson 170; T 21W-Jake Wheeler 170; 7. 18T-Tanner Holmes 166; 8. 1-Bailey Hibbard 162; 9. 18H-A.J. Harbaugh 158; 10. 25S-Camden Robustelli 154