Danny Martin Captures Second USCS Florida State Championship

Danny Martin Jr. (USCS photo)

From Pete Walton

OCALA, Fl. (September 22, 2018) – Danny Martin, Jr.from Sarasota, FL broke out of a two-year slump to park Doug Shaw’s #24 in the www.RockAuto.com USCS Victory Lane after the 27-lap USCS Florida State Championship Race presented by FireAde at Bubba Raceway Park on Saturday night. Martin grabbed the lead from early-race-leader and Friday night’s winner Tyler Clem from St. Pete, FL and raced under the checkers first.

Tampa’s A.J. Maddox got past Clem a couple of laps later and chased Martin across the line in 2nd place. Tyler Clem finished in third place. 2017 USCS sprint car Champion was fourth and 2015 USCS Rookie of the Year, Nick Snyder from Marco Island, FL rounded out the top five.

Veteran Danny Smith from Chillicothe, OH Led the next group in sixth followed by Johnny Bridges from Cherryville, NC in seventh. 11-time series Champ, Terry Gray from Bartlett, TN was eighth followed by Biloxi. MS traveler, Shane Morgan. USCS veteran racer, Joe Larkin from Suwanee, GA completed the top ten.

Clem won the USCS Hoosier Speed Dash to kick off the action. Tony Agin from Ft. Myers, FL then won the Tom Selhorst Air Stream 6 lap Dash.

Terry Witherspoon won the Engler Machine and Tool First Heat and Tyler Clem out dueled Nick Snyder for the win in the Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Second Heat.

Johnny Bridges passed the most cars in the main event. He started fifteenth and advanced eight positions to finish seventh and garner the Wilwood Disc Brakes Hard Charger Award.

The next USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters event is the USCS Fall Nationals at historic Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Arkansas on Friday and Saturday, October 12th and 13th. For schedules, rules, etc. please visit www.uscsracing.com

USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour presented by K&N Filters Winged Sprint Car at Bubba Raceway Park on Saturday, September 22, 2018 results:

Engler Machine & Tool 1st Heat (10 Laps)

1. 43-Terry Witherspoon[2] ; 2. 24jr-Danny Martin Jr[5] ; 3. 3a-AJ Maddox[1] ; 4. 14-Jordon Mallett[3] ; 5. 22G-Johnny Gilbertson[7] ; 6. 01-Shane Morgan[8] ; 7. 43h-Tanner Witherspoon[6] ; 8. 20-Frank Carlsson[4] ; 9. 28-Jeff Willingham[9]

Brown and Miller Racing Solutions 2nd Heat (10 Laps)

1. 14c-Tyler Clem[4] ; 2. 116-Nick Snyder[2] ; 3. 4-Danny Smith[6] ; 4. 67-Brian Thomas[1] ; 5. g6-Brandon Grubaugh[5] ; 6. 10-Terry Gray[9] ; 7. 38-Tony Agin[7] ; 8. 07-Johnny Bridges[8] ; 9. 33-Joe Larkin[3]

USCS Hoosier Racing Tire Speed Dash – (6 Laps)

1. 14c-Tyler Clem[1] ; 2. 4-Danny Smith[2] ; 3. 14-Jordon Mallett[3] ; 4. 01-Shane Morgan[4] ; 5. 10-Terry Gray[6] ; 6. 3a-AJ Maddox[5]

Tom Selhorst AirStream Dash – (6 Laps)

1. 38-Tony Agin[1] ; 2. 22G-Johnny Gilbertson[5] ; 3. 43h-Tanner Witherspoon[4] ; 4. 33-Joe Larkin[3] ; 5. 28-Jeff Willingham[2]

FireAde USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour Florida State Sprint Car Championship A-Main – (27 Laps)

1. 24jr-Danny Martin Jr[2] ; 2. 3a-AJ Maddox[6] ; 3. 14c-Tyler Clem[1] ; 4. 14-Jordon Mallett[9] ; 5. 116-Nick Snyder[5] ; 6. 4-Danny Smith[4] ; 7. 07-Johnny Bridges[15] ; 8. 10-Terry Gray[8] ; 9. 01-Shane Morgan[10] ; 10. 33-Joe Larkin[18] ; 11. 43-Terry Witherspoon[3] ; 12. 43h-Tanner Witherspoon[14] ; 13. 38-Tony Agin[13] ; 14. 20-Frank Carlsson[16] ; 15. 28-Jeff Willingham[17] ; 16. 22G-Johnny Gilbertson[7] ; 17. 67-Brian Thomas[11] ; 18. g6-Brandon Grubaugh[12].