McIntosh Flies to Victory at Airport Raceway

Cannon McIntosh with his team following his victory at Airport Raceway. (Don Holbrook Photo)

From POWRi

GARDEN CITY, KS (July 3, 2020) — Cannon McIntosh, hops back in his family owned #08 for the weekend with POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League, and finds himself in victory lane. At the fastest 1/6- mile dirt oval in Kansas, all eyes were glued on the front-runners battling for the top positions. After losing the lead to Trey Gropp, McIntosh regrouped and found himself back in victory lane for the third time this season with the POWRi Midget Leagues.

Cannon McIntosh in the #08 lead the field to green flag competition, with the #2 of Bob Harr to his outside. McIntosh takes the early lead on the top side, while Bob Harr, Tristin Thomas, Robert Dalby, and Trey Gropp are fighting for positions 2-4. The #43 slows on the front stretch bringing out the caution. Once racing resumed on the racetrack, McIntosh would once again stretch his lead over the field. Gropp took over second place position from the #28 of Thomas.

McIntosh endured heavy lapped traffic ahead of him, which caused the #00 of Trey Gropp to reel him in. As McIntosh battled with a lapped car on the top side, Gropp took the bottom side of the racetrack and found himself taking over the lead. Gropp lead a lap, then gets into the back of a lapped car causing his motor to slow. McIntosh regained the lead and found himself back in victory lane for the third time this season. Followed by second place runner, Trey Gropp and rounding out your top three, Robert Dalby.

“Gropp got by me there, and I just wasn’t driving hard enough. I was way tight, I just started working hard through traffic and I got back by him. I just needed to drive the car harder” Stated McIntosh. “It’s cool that when Keith and the team aren’t racing, I can come down here and we can put something together and go win.”

“I followed the lapped car into the corner, and I caught him with the right front. The engine actually died, but somehow I kept it running.” Stated second place finisher, Trey Gropp after his career best POWRi finish.

“We struggled coming off of turn two, the motor was spitting and sputtering. I have to go through and look at a couple of things, but otherwise, not a bad night.” Stated third place finisher, Robert Dalby.

POWRi West Midget Car Series / Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association
Airport Raceway
Garden City, KS
Friday July 3, 2020

Smith Titanium Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 88-Dustin Weland[1]
2. 91-Chris Sheil[5]
3. 11-Mike Woodruff[7]
4. 70-Cade Cowles[3]
5. 4T-AJ Valim[2]
6. 77-Lance Bennett[6]
DNS: 27A-AJ Burns

Keizer Racing Wheels Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 4-Robert Dalby[6]
2. 44S-Andrew Felker[3]
3. 43T-Adam Trimble[2]
4. 7D-Michelle Decker[7]
5. 07-Kyle Wilson[1]
6. 15-Carson Garrett[5]
7. 10B-Blaze Bennett[4]

Saldana Racing Products Heat Race #3 (8 Laps)
1. 08-Cannon McIntosh[3]
2. 26-Tristin Thomas[6]
3. 27-Keith Rauch[4]
4. 6-Collin Rinehart[1]
5. 7T-Troy Simpson[7]
6. 16-Ashley Cleaveland[2]
DNS: 5A-Ava Gropp

Rod End Supply Heat Race #4 (8 Laps)
1. 00-Trey Gropp[3]
2. 2-Bob Harr[6]
3. 71-Zac Taylor[1]
4. 48-Randy Oerter[7]
5. 7-Shannon McQueen[2]
6. 43C-Lonnie Cox[4]
DNS: 7X-Dustin Dixon

Super Clean B-Main (12 Laps)
1. 15-Carson Garrett[5]
2. 7-Shannon McQueen[3]
3. 4T-AJ Valim[2]
4. 07-Kyle Wilson[4]
5. 6-Collin Rinehart[1]
6. 77-Lance Bennett[8]
7. 7X-Dustin Dixon[12]
8. 16-Ashley Cleaveland[7]
9. 43C-Lonnie Cox[6]
DNS: 10B-Blaze Bennett
DNS: 27A-AJ Burns
DNS: 5A-Ava Gropp

Lucas Oil Products A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 08-Cannon McIntosh[1]
2. 00-Trey Gropp[5]
3. 4-Robert Dalby[4]
4. 26-Tristin Thomas[3]
5. 71-Zac Taylor[13]
6. 7T-Troy Simpson[14]
7. 27-Keith Rauch[11]
8. 11-Mike Woodruff[7]
9. 7D-Michelle Decker[9]
10. 91-Chris Sheil[6]
11. 7-Shannon McQueen[17]
12. 44S-Andrew Felker[20]
13. 88-Dustin Weland[8]
14. 15-Carson Garrett[16]
15. 4T-AJ Valim[18]
16. 43T-Adam Trimble[12]
17. 07-Kyle Wilson[19]
18. 48-Randy Oerter[10]
19. 70-Cade Cowles[15]
20. 2-Bob Harr[2]