Kofoid Seals the Deal on SPEED Weekend Night One at Lincoln Speedway

Buddy Kofoid POWRi photo

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Lincoln, IL. (08/21/2020) Even in the rubber Michael “Buddy” Kofoid found the sweet spot around the top of Lincoln Speedway and took the lead from lap one. Going the distance from there, Kofoid landed his fifth win of the year with the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League.

Bringing the field to the green flag, Cannon McIntosh of Bixby OK. and Michael “Buddy” Kofoid of Penngrove, CA. started the front row of the 30-lapper. Kofoid, a recent winner at Charleston Speedway in July, shot his #67 Keith Kunz Motorsports entry to the lead on the opening lap. Cannon McIntosh took the bottom side and Kofoid who came rocketing into the lead with a good lap around the top.

While Kofoid got comfortable in the lead, teammate McIntosh settled in the second spot. Mitchell Davis tracking down Daison Pursley for the third position, Davis closed in on the #9 Machine and ran him down to take over the third position. Davis rode around in third until he found himself upside down in turn four battling the treacherous cushion on lap seven.

Kofoid lead the field to green on the top side, and the top four follow behind with Jake Neuman the only car on the bottom. With a pair of cautions out on the track, Kofoid had to hold his own with his hard charging teammates and the dramatic track change halfway through the 30-lap main event.

Nailing all three laps on the final restart, Michael “Buddy” Kofoid drove untouchable to the checkered flag as he led all 30 laps to pick up the win on night one of the Illinois SPEED Weekend, and earned his fifth POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League victory of the 2020 race season.

“I didn’t know how close they were behind me, but Jarrett kept telling me they were. We were too tight early in the race. It sucks getting into rubber when you are the leader, but I was able to find it and keep the lead. The surface all night was good, sucks it rubbered in the main.” Stated first place finisher, Michael “Buddy” Kofoid.

“it was a really good race; we would get runs here and there and I just would fall apart and catch him again. There halfway through the race I felt the rubber when I moved down a little bit and I could catch him but anytime I would get a run on him I would get a really bad push.” Second place finisher, Cannon McIntosh.

“Racing with my teammates Buddy Kofoid and Cannon McIntosh, it’s always frustrating running third or second to them but you got to hold your head high cause they’re the best midget racers in the nation right now.” Stated Daison Pursley.

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Schoenfeld Headers Heat 1 Winner: 67 – Buddy Kofoid

Racing Electronics Heat 2 Winner: 15 – Emerson Axsom

Diversified Machine Inc. Heat 3 Winner: 87 – Karter Sarff

PAC Schroeder Torsion Bars High Point: 71K – Cannon McIntosh

Racing Electronics Semi-Feature 1: 28 – Ace McCarthy

TRD Hard Charger: 28 – Ace McCarthy

Lucas Oil Feature Winner: 67 – Buddy Kofoid

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 67 – Buddy Kofoid 2. 71K – Cannon McIntosh 3. 9 – Daison Pursley 4. 87 – Karter Sarff 5. 21 – Zach Daum 6. 3N – Jake Neuman 7. 49 – Joe B. Miller 8. 85 – Jerry Coons Jr. 9. 28 – Ace McCarthy 10. 71 -Kaylee Bryson 11. 2H – Luke Howard 12. 21K – Emilio Hoover 13. 19M – Ethan Mitchell 14. 97 – Branham Crouch 15. 00 – Trey Gropp 16. 19A – Hayden Reinbold 17. 15 – Emerson Axsom 18. 16C – David Camfield 19. 08 – Noah Gass 20. 4 – Robert Dalby 21. 72 – Sam Johnson 22. 56D -Mitchell Davis 23. 17C – Devin Camfield

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