Justin Clark Wins Ohio Racesaver Feature at 35 Raceway Park, Kyle Kruger Wins Championship

FRANKFORT, OHIO (September 19, 2020) — Justin Clark won the Ohio Thunder RaceSaver Sprint Car Series feature on Friday at 35 Raceway Park. Kyle Kruger, Jacob Stickle, Austin Powell, and Lewie Christian rounded out the top five. Kruger’s second place finish secured the 35 Raceway Park and Ohio Thunder RaceSaver point championships for the 2020 season.

Ohio Thunder RaceSaver Sprint Car Series
35 Raceway Park
Frankfort, Ohio
Saturday September 19, 2020

1. 78-Justin Clark
2. 9K-Kyle Kruger
3. 14S-Jacob Stickle
4. 17P-Austin Powell
5. 8C-Lewie Christian
6. 319-Steve Watts
7. 97-Chad Hayatt Sr.
8. 16E-Caleb Erwin