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By Lance Jennings

OCTOBER 27, 2020… Just added to the schedule! The USAC Western States Midgets are back in action this Friday, October 30th, at Hanford’s Keller Auto Speedway. Promoted by Peter Murphy, the non-point “Inaugural Tom Tarlton Classic” will pay $2,100-to-win and $200-to-start. The action packed card will also showcase the winged Kings of Thunder 410 Sprint Cars. The Pit Gates will open at 1:00pm and pit passes are $40. The GRANDSTANDS ARE CLOSED, Practice starts at 5:45pm, Time Trials is scheduled for 6:00pm, and Racing will begin at 7:00pm. For event information, visit the track’s website at racekingsspeedway.com. Floracing.com will broadcast a pay per view live stream over the internet.

As this writing goes to press, the event will be one of the richest dates on the calendar. In addition to the $2,100 top prize, the fast time award pays $200, a special dash will pay $500, and $200 will be awarded for hard charger. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes for supporting a great night of racing.

To limit person to person contact during the night, all USAC racers must purchase their license / membership ahead of the event at usacracing.com or usaclicense.com. In addition, the entry fee will be taken from the night’s winnings.

– California state protocol calls for competitors, crews, officials, and anyone on the grounds to practice safe social distancing, proper sanitizing, and follow local regulations regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
– 2020 APPROVED/LEGAL MUFFLERS: B&B: FRAC-0375-S w/side outlet, COAST FABRICATION: 300x625x17-2s, 350x625x17-2s, 400x625x17-2s, EXTREME: 3515-3030 (15″ Long 5″ round shell with 3″inlet & 3″ outlet), 3615-3030 (15″ Long 6″ round shell with 3″ inlet & 3″ outlet), 3515-3030-8 (15″ Long 5″ round shell with 3″inlet & 3″ outlet with turnout), 3615-3030-8 (15″ Long 6″ round shell with 3″ inlet & 3″ outlet with turnout), FLOWMASTER: (BCRA Approved) 13009130, 13509130, 13509135, SCHOENFELD: 14272535, 14272730-78 *Failure to comply with the muffler rule will risk disqualification from the event.

Since June 6, 1986, the Kings County Fairgrounds has hosted 42 USAC Western States Midget races and twenty-eight different drivers have claimed victory. Robby Flock scored the inaugural victory and Ronnie Gardner topped the last visit on June 25, 2016. Billy Boat leads all drivers with six Hanford triumphs and Ronnie Day set the 1-lap qualifying track record of 15.555 on October 3, 1998. The series win list at Hanford is at the end of this release.

Last Saturday at Petaluma, Frankie Guerrini (San Rafael, CA) earned the second USAC victory of his career and topped the “West Coast Stock Car / Motorsports Hall of Fame Challenge Series.” Racing the family owned #63 F&F Racing / Davis Motorsports Spike, the former BCRA Champion finished ahead of Maria Cofer, Blake Bower, Shannon McQueen, Jake Andreotti, Michael Faccinto, Scotty Farmer, C.J. Sarna, Robert Carson, and Blake Brannon.

Keller Auto Speedway is located at 801 South 10th Avenue in Hanford, California at the Kings County Fairgrounds. Due to the local health department regulations regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the GRANDSTANDS ARE CLOSED for the event but pit passes are available. Camping is available on the fairgrounds and for more event information, visit racekingsspeedway.com.

The USAC Western States Midget Series thanks AMSOIL, Competition Suspension Incorporated, Extreme Mufflers, Five Star Grafix, Hoosier Racing Tire, Loudpedal Productions, Rod End Supply, Ultra Shield Race Products, and Woodland Auto Display for their support. If you or your company would like to become part of the series, email PR Director Lance Jennings at lwjennings@earthlink.net.

For more information on the series, visit the United States Auto Club (USAC) website at usacracing.com and the social media for USAC Racing. You can also find exclusive content on the USAC Western States Midget Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

FloSports has USAC Western States Midget live videos and on demand coverage available for purchase at floracing.com.
USAC WESTERN STATES MIDGET CHAMPIONS: *1982-Jeff Heywood, 1983-Sleepy Tripp, 1984-Tommy White, 1985-Sleepy Tripp, 1986-Robby Flock, 1987-Sleepy Tripp, 1988-Sleepy Tripp, 1989-Robby Flock, 1990-Sleepy Tripp, 1991-Sleepy Tripp, 1992-Sleepy Tripp, 1993-Robby Flock, 1994-Johnny Cofer, 1995-Billy Boat, 1996-Jay Drake, 1997-Ricky Shelton, 1998-Rick Hendrix, 1999-Marc DeBeaumont, 2000-Wally Pankratz, 2001-Danny Ebberts, 2002-Robby Flock, 2003-Steve Paden, 2004-Johnny Rodriguez, 2005-Jerome Rodela, 2006-Jerome Rodela, 2007-Johnny Rodriguez, 2008-Nic Faas, 2009-Garrett Hansen, 2010-Alex Schutte, 2011-Cory Kruseman, 2012-Shannon McQueen, 2013-Ronnie Gardner, 2014- Ronnie Gardner, 2015-Ronnie Gardner, 2016-Ronnie Gardner, 2017-Ronnie Gardner, 2018-Michael Faccinto, 2019-Robert Dalby.

2020 USAC WESTERN STATES MIDGET WINS: 1-Maria Cofer, 1-Scotty Farmer, 1-Frankie Guerrini, 1-Alex Schutte.

HANFORD USAC WESTERN STATES MIDGET WINS: 6-Billy Boat, 4- Robby Flock, 3-Jimmy Sills, 2-Ronnie Day, 2-Alex Harris, 2-Rusty Rasmussen, 2-Ron Shuman, 1-Tommy Astone, 1-Donnie Beechler, 1-Ryan Bernal, 1-Cory Elliott, 1-Mark DeBeaumont, 1-Danny Ebberts, 1-Nic Faas, 1-Joe Gaerte, 1-Ronnie Gardner, 1-Garrett Hansen, 1-Levi Jones, 1-Dallen McKenney, 1-Andy Michner, 1-Alex Schutte, 1-Ricky Shelton, 1-Tony Stewart, 1-Danny Stratton, 1-Matt Streeter, 1-Sleepy Tripp, 1-Rich Vogler, 1-Josh Wise.

TOM TARLTON CLASSIC MIDGET PURSE: 1. $2,100; 2. $1,000; 3. $800; 4. $700; 5. $600; 6. $500; 7. $400; 8. $350; 9. $300; 10. $250; 11. $200; 12. $200; 13. $200; 14. $200; 15. $200; 16. $200; 17. $200; 18. $200; 19. $200; 20. $200; 21. $200.