Robbie Farr Wins the 2021 Krikke Boys Shootout

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KWINANA BEACH, WA (March 13, 2021) — Robbie Farr from Helensvale, Queensland won the 2021 edition of the Krikke Boys Shootout Saturday night at Perth Motorplex. The victory was Farr’s first of the 2021 calendar year. Jason Kendrick challenged Farr late in the main event, but had to settle for the runner up position. Callum Williamson led the first half of the main event with damage suffered in an opening lap crash and held on for third. Jason Pryde and Andrew Priolo rounded out the top five.

Tom Payet dominated the Western Australia Speedcar Title lapping up to second position in the main event.

Krikke Boys Shootout
Perth Motorplex
Kwinana Beach, Western Australia
Saturday March 13, 2021

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. V14-Robbie Farr
2. 11-Jason Kendrick
3. 17-Callum Williamson
4. 14-Jason Pryde
5. 8-Andrew Priolo
6. 9-AJ Nash
7. 2-Dayne Kingshott
8. 94-Matthew Cross
9. 15-Trevor Reynolds
10. 42-Ben Butcher
11. 4-Cameron Mckenzie
12. 79-Kris Coyle
13. 60-Kaiden Manders
14. 55-Darren Mewett
15. 18-Trevor Jolly
16. 89-Kye Scroop
17. 25-Taylor Milling
18. 67-Jaydee Dack
19. 77-Bradley Maiolo
20. 80-James Inglis
21. 26-David Priolo
22. 20-Ryan Lancaster
23. 41-Daniel Harding
24. 64-Paul Peet

Western Australia Speedcar Title

1. 7-Tom Payet
2. N38-Kaidon Brown
3. 16-Alfonso Guadagnino
4. 15-Rob Golding
5. 65-Russell Taylor
6. 23-Glen Mears
7. N30-Nathan Smee
8. 2-Ross Heywood
9. 17-Daniel Golding
10. 9-Vaughan Manders