Harli White Partnering With Ed Neumeister For Ohio Run

Harli White will pilot the Ed Neumeister 11N

Bryan Hulbert

LINDSAY, Okla. (April 6, 2021) Getting the chance to change gears and take on a new challenge, Harli White will head to Ohio for the 2021 season to wheel the Ed Neumeister No. 11n.

“I’m nervous, but I’m very excited to try something different and get the experience,” said Harli.

A deal in the works since the Chili Bowl, everything started coming into place over the last month. Still working on a full schedule, as tracks continue to work on if, and when, they will open, the current schedule will include both 410cid and 360cid competition. As of now, the team has nine events from the end of April through the end of May.

“Right now, we’re going to start the season and see how it goes and see what tracks are going to open, and expand from there. The good thing about Ohio, is if one track cancels, you usually have choices of where to race instead, and plus, we’ll be set up to run 410 or 360 so we can pretty much pick and chose where we want to race, but I can’t thank Ed Neumeister, and my crew chief Kent Karhoff enough for giving the chance to come race especially Kent. He was instrumental in getting it set up.”

As of now, the first weekend for Harli in the No. 11n will be April 23 at Attica Raceway Park. The current list of races is as follows:

April 23 – Attica Raceway Park (Attica, OH) w/410

April 30 – Attica Raceway Park (Attica, OH) w/410

May 1 – Fremont Speedway (Fremont, OH) w/410

May 7 – Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH) w/World of Outlaws

May 8 – Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH) w/World of Outlaws

May 21 – Limaland Motorsports Park (Lima, OH) w/NRA Sprint Invaders

May 28 – Limaland Motorsports Park (Lima, OH) w/NRA Sprint Invaders

May 29 – Fremont Speedway (Fremont, OH) w/ FASTonDIRT

May 30 – Waynesfield Raceway Park (Waynesfield, OH) w/ FASTonDIRT

The 2021 season marks the 14th year of racing for Harli White. For continued updates and news on Harli White, log onto http://www.harliwhiteracing.net.

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