Chase Brewer Earns First ASCS Elite Non-Wing Win At Kennedale Speedway Park

Chase Brewer Bobby DrRock Thomas photo

Bryan Hulbert

KENNEDALE, Texas (June 5, 2021) Bringing the overall number of winners to 34 with ASCS Elite Non-WIng Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating, Waxahachie’s Chase Brewer rolled into Victory Lane at Kennedale Speedway Park on Saturday night.

Taking off from the pole, Brewer led every lap. Moving up from fifth, Mason Smith crossed second, followed by Chad Wilson, Dalton Stevens, and Kyle Jones to round out the top five.

Cody Price crossed sixth, then Michelle Parson, Jason Howell, Jeb Sessums, and Keith Martin to make up the top ten.

The next event for the ASCS Elite Non-WIng Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating is slated for June 11 at Crowleys Ridge Raceway in Paragould, Ark., and June 12 at I-30 Speedway in Litte Rock, Ark.

The 2021 season marks the 30th year of competition for the American Sprint Car Series. Spearheaded by the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, the ASCS Nation also includes 11 Regional Tours that encompass both wing and non-wing competition.

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Race Results:

ASCS Elite Non-Wing
Kennedale Speedway Park (Kennedale, Texas)
Saturday, June 5, 2021

Car Count: 29

Texas Aeroplastics Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 21-Michelle Parson[1]; 2. 91-Cody Price[6]; 3. 25-Chase Brewer[7]; 4. 11-Justin Melton[3]; 5. 51-Ben Saye[2]; 6. 18-Devon Debrick[5]; 7. 5-Lucas Boxwell[8]; 8. 02-Dillon Burks[4]

Pro Tech Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 04-Kyle Jones[3]; 2. 48-Caden McCreary[2]; 3. #1-Justin Zimmerman[5]; 4. 20-Shon Deskins[4]; 5. 72-Jason Howell[7]; 6. 71W-Weston Gorham[1]; 7. 7-Jerrad Warhurst[6]

SCP Polymers Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 20X-Chad Wilson[2]; 2. 79X-Keith Martin[3]; 3. T1-Kade Taylor[1]; 4. 01J-Jeb Sessums[6]; 5. 3S-Stephen Smith[7]; 6. 15-Jeremy Jonas[5]; 7. 57-Chase Parson[4]

Myco Plastics Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 99X-Dalton Stevens[1]; 2. 31-Mason Smith[4]; 3. 1-Paul White[5]; 4. 52-JD Fry[7]; 5. 71-Colby Estes[2]; 6. 74-DJ Estes[6]; 7. 4B-Austin Burkham[3]

BK Windows B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 20-Shon Deskins[1]; 2. 74-DJ Estes[5]; 3. 11-Justin Melton[2]; 4. 51-Ben Saye[3]; 5. 15-Jeremy Jonas[7]; 6. 71W-Weston Gorham[9]; 7. 71-Colby Estes[4]; 8. 5-Lucas Boxwell[12]; 9. 4B-Austin Burkham[10]; 10. 7-Jerrad Warhurst[8]; 11. 02-Dillon Burks[11]; 12. (DNS) 18-Devon Debrick; 13. (DNS) 57-Chase Parson

Top Choice Masonry A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 25-Chase Brewer[1]; 2. 31-Mason Smith[5]; 3. 20X-Chad Wilson[2]; 4. 99X-Dalton Stevens[7]; 5. 04-Kyle Jones[4]; 6. 91-Cody Price[3]; 7. 21-Michelle Parson[6]; 8. 72-Jason Howell[15]; 9. 01J-Jeb Sessums[13]; 10. 79X-Keith Martin[8]; 11. 3S-Stephen Smith[16]; 12. 1-Paul White[10]; 13. 11-Justin Melton[19]; 14. #1-Justin Zimmerman[9]; 15. 48-Caden McCreary[12]; 16. 20-Shon Deskins[17]; 17. 52-JD Fry[11]; 18. 51-Ben Saye[20]; 19. 74-DJ Estes[18]; 20. T1-Kade Taylor[14]