Beason Wins POWRi West Debut at the New Tulsa Speedway

Jonathan Beason. (POWRi Photo)

From POWRi

TULSA, Ok. (July 9, 2021) Jonathan Beason picked up his second straight Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget League feature win tonight during the series’ debut at the newly opened Tulsa Speedway.

Andrew Deal led the field to green, but it was Andrew Felker jumped out to the early lead. Felker continued to lead through multiple cautions with Tanner Berryhill and Beason ran him down. As laps clicked away, Beason moved into second and began the battle with Felker for the lead. A late race caution for pole sitter, Deal brought the field together with Beason at the point.

One last caution with five laps remaining gave Felker and Berryhill an opportunity to close in on Beason, but when green flag racing resumed, Beason would sail to his second consecutive POWRi West win. Felker followed Beason across the line, earning the Realty Connect $100 second place bonus, with Berry third, Deal recovered to finish fourth, and Kameron Key rounded out the top five.

The Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget League will be back in action tomorrow, Saturday July 10th at Port City Raceway.

POWRi West Midget Car SEries
the New Tulsa Speedway
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Friday, July 9, 2021

Smith Titanium Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 15D-Andrew Deal[1]
2. 444-Kameron Key[2]
3. 17-Tanner Berryhill[4]
4. 11A-Andrew Felker[9]
5. 44-Branigan Roark[3]
6. 42-Brekk Harris[5]
7. 15-Ricky Montgomery[8]
8. 70-Cade Cowles[7]
9. 97-Mason Daugherty[6]

Saldana Race Products Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. 14-Ace McCarthy[2]
2. 8B-Jonathan Beason[1]
3. 17B-Sam Johnson[4]
4. 7-Michelle Decker[6]
5. 98-Ryan Padgett[5]
6. 7U-Kyle Jones[7]
7. 21K-Emilio Hoover[8]
8. 3PS-Bubba Hunt[3]

Lucas Oil A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 8B-Jonathan Beason[5]
2. 11A-Andrew Felker[2]
3. 17-Tanner Berryhill[6]
4. 15D-Andrew Deal[1]
5. 444-Kameron Key[4]
6. 17B-Sam Johnson[7]
7. 15-Ricky Montgomery[13]
8. 42-Brekk Harris[12]
9. 70-Cade Cowles[15]
10. 44-Branigan Roark[11]
11. 97-Mason Daugherty[17]
12. 98-Ryan Padgett[9]
13. 7-Michelle Decker[8]
14. 7U-Kyle Jones[10]
15. 3PS-Bubba Hunt[16]
16. 21K-Emilio Hoover[14]
DNS: 14-Ace McCarthy