Jeremy Kerzman wins UMSS race at Cedar Lake

UMSS Renegades

From Kami Tarvis
New Richmond, WI, June 4, 2022
The Pirtek Renegade traditional sprints of the UMSS returned to Cedar Lake on Saturday for
their third visit of the season. 22 teams checked in to do battle in a pair of qualifying heat races.
Jake Kouba picked up the win in Pirtek heat race one while last night’s winner Cam Schafer
snared checkers in RTS podcast heat race two. Both winners came from the outside of row
three to amass a whopping 153 passing points.
Jeremy Kerzman made his 2022 Pirtek Renegades debut and redrew the pole position for the
20-lap main event, starting inside of Jake Kouba. Kerzman shot to the point as the field fanned
out behind him. Eighth starting Schafer was charging hard and quickly broke into the top five,
jockeying for position in a group that included Jon Lewerer, Blake Anderson, Brad Peterson and
Nick DaRonco. A three-car crash on lap eleven brought out the red flag, erasing the 10 car
length advantage Kerzman had built up over Jake Kouba and Schafer. The last nine laps
clicked off caution free as Kerzman wrapped up his season debut in victory lane. Kouba,
Schafer, DaRonco and Lewerer completed the rest of the top five.
The Pirtek Renegades return to action Saturday, when the winged teams come back to their
home track of Cedar Lake. The following weekend, June 18 and 19, both the wings and
traditionals take in a central Minnesota swing at Ogilvie Raceway and Granite City Speedway.
More information on upcoming events for the Pirtek Renegades, as well as links to other
Renegades series, can be found at, or on facebook.
Feature, 20-laps. 1. Jeremy Kerzman, 2. Jake Kouba, 3 Cam Schafer, 4. Nick DaRonco, 5. Jon
Lewerer, 6. Brad Peterson, 7. Blake Anderson, 8. Mike Mueller, 9. Scott Brandt, 10. Rob Caho,
Jr., 11. Joseph Kouba, 12. Bryan Roach, 13. Brad Cunningham, 14. Ryan Buck, 15. Brain
Trembath, 16. Joshua Hulberg, 17. Chich Schumacher, 18. John Breitenfeldt, 19. Tim Lynch,
20. Zach Widdes, 21. Lucas Logue, 22. Carl Wade.
PIRTEK heat #1:
1. Ja. Kouba, 2. DaRonco, 3. Peterson, 4. Lewerer, 5. Jo. Kouba, 6. Logue, 7. Mueller, 8.
Breitenfeldt, 9. Schumacher, 10. Trembath
RTS Podcast heat #2:
1. Schafer, 2. Anderson, 3. Kerzman, 4. Brandt, 5. Cunningham, 6. Caho, 7. Roach, 8. Buck, 9.
Hulberg, 10. Lynch, 11. Wade, 12. Widdes